Recipe for Lust Book Tour

Title: Recipe for LustRecipe for Lust

Author: Alice Ward

Published: August 19th, 2016

Genre: Romance

Recommended Age: 18+

Synopsis: When Claire, a young and ambitious cook, decides to audition for Extreme Cuisine, she has no idea just how much her life will change in just nine weeks. Having just gotten out of a long term relationship, she is ready for a new chapter, and maybe even a hot fling or two. Though she’s never been formally trained as a chef, Claire holds her own in the competition which pairs amateurs and professional chefs side by side. Her biggest surprise comes when her celebrity chef crush, Scott Maxim, becomes a fellow competitor. Sparks fly between the two both on and off the screen, and her crush quickly grows for the kitchen bad boy. Continue reading “Recipe for Lust Book Tour”

Protected by a SEAL Book Blast

Protected by a SEALProtected by a SEAL

Series:  Alpha SEALs Book 6 (stand-alone)

Author:  Makenna Jameison

Published:  August 23rd, 2016

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Recommended Age:  18+

Tagline:   His need to protect her is nonnegotiable…


Navy SEAL Brent “Cobra” Rollins never met a woman he didn’t want. He’s gotten more action than his entire SEAL team combined, but the gorgeous brunette he barely even touched is the one he can’t get out of his head.

Ella Thompson is working her way through school, and the cocky, assertive Navy SEAL who stood up for her is also wrong in about a thousand different ways. Player? Check. Older man? Check. Interested in a relationship with her? Not a chance in hell.

When she’s all out of options, Ella returns to her former shift at a cocktail lounge to make ends meet. Her boss is willing to give her the job back—for a price. The only thing scarier than submitting to him is being pawned off as payment to his enemies. The man who can save her is the one she should never want, but he’s the only one who’d also protect her with his life.

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The Seal Next Door Book Blitz

Title:  The SEAL Next DoorThe-SEAL-Next-Door

Series:  Alpha SEALS #5 (Standalone)

Author:  Makenna Jameison

Published:  March 29th, 2016

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Content Warning:  Sexual Content

Recommended Age:  18+

Synopsis:  The girl next door is all grown up, and she’s ready to play….

Brianna Miller’s life isn’t going as planned. She’s moonlighting as a cocktail waitress after getting laid off from her marketing job, her older brother was injured in Afghanistan, and the man she’s pined for since she was a teenager is back in her life, hotter than hell and more tempting than ever.

Navy SEAL Matthew “Gator” Murphy has only one goal when he returns to Pensacola, Florida for a long weekend—to welcome his best friend home and then get the hell out of there. There’s no way he can face life with his buddy in a wheelchair, not when he was the one who convinced him to enlist in the first place. Continue reading “The Seal Next Door Book Blitz”

A Lighter Shade of Blue Tour

Title: A Lighter Shade of BlueLighter-Shade-of-Blue

Series: Kings of Chaos

Author: Shyla Colt

Published: July 28th, 2015

Publisher: Hot Ink Press

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Content Warning: Explicit sexual content, graphic violence

Recommended Age: 18+


Assigned the role of keeper of her older sister, Calla, Bluebell Strong has spent her life cleaning up messes. Frustrated, unappreciated, and repressed, Blue drifts away from her family. Suddenly, a jail sentence lands Calla in prison. She then becomes her nephew, Bolton’s guardian. Pulled headfirst back into the life of the Kings of Chaos M.C. she struggles to find a balance between who she must be and who she’s always wanted to be. Bolton’s father, Shadow, the man she crushed on since she was a teen, returns from prison. These back to back events forces her to choose between duty and happiness. Continue reading “A Lighter Shade of Blue Tour”

#SampleSunday from Dark Debt

Dark_DebtI started reading Dark Debt (#11 in the Chicagoland Vampires series) by Chloe Neill. I just love Merit and Ethan. Well, how can you not love Ethan when he looks David Beckham?!! In this book, Merit and Ethan have to deal with the return of Ethan’s Master, Balthasar, who conveniently is no longer dead. Huh.

Here’s the official description:

A vampire never gets old. But neither do his enemies. When a figure from Ethan’s dark past makes a splashy debut in Chicago, Merit and her Master don’t know whether he’s friend or foe. But they’ll have to figure out soon, because trouble is brewing in the Windy City.

At an exclusive society soiree attended by the upper echelons of the human and supernatural worlds, Merit and Ethan barely stop the assassination of a guest. When the target turns out to be a shady businessman with a criminal edge, Merit suspects a human vendetta. But the assassins have fangs….

The connections to Chicago’s Houses go deeper than Merit knows, and even one wrong move could be her last….

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Had Me Laughing! #SampleSunday

Last week, a friend and I exchanged books. She was looking for something different to read so I loaned her Bittersweet, and she loaned me A Handful of Heaven.A_Handful_of_Heaven

A Handful of Heaven is an historical romance written by Kristin Hannah. Historical usually isn’t my thing, but I decided to give this one a try. And I have to say that I like it! It’s set in Alaska in the late 1890s (no London during the Ton). The main characters are Cornelius “Stone Man” McKenna and Devon O’Shea.

Stone Man is very much as his name implies. Stoic, quiet, grumpy. A man with no friends who doesn’t mind some dust or dirt or even lack of a bath. Devon–a lady–is his new partner in his trading post. Well, Stone Man thought the person w
ho answered his ad was a man. Imagine his surprise when Devon showed up!

I’m a third of the way into the book, and I have to give Devon props. She’s one tough lady! I think she’s lasted a lot longer than I would have!  Continue reading “Had Me Laughing! #SampleSunday”

My Thoughts: Born of Defiance

Today, I spent the afternoon finishing Born of Defiance. I had to know how things were going to end up between Talyn and Felicia and almost more importantly, the Anatoles.

If you aren’t familiar, Born of Defiance is book #8 (according to Goodreads) in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The League series. It’s a long book (over 500 pages) that I read fairly quickly.

Here’s the blurb:

Born an Outcast,Born_of_Defiance Talyn Batur has spent the whole of his life fighting against the prejudice of his people. An Andarion without a father is not something anyone wants to be.

But when his companion’s brother draws him into a plot against the Andarion crown, he finds himself torn between the loyalty to their planetary government that his mother has beaten into him and his own beliefs of justice and right.

Now, he must decide for himself to remain a pawn of their government or to defy everything and everyone he’s ever known to stand up to tyranny. It’s a gamble that will either save his life or end it. And when old enemies align with new ones, it’s more than just his own life at risk. And more than just his homeworld that will end should he fail.

It took a bit of adjustment for me as I read…this book does not take place chronologically after the last one (Born of Fury). It was something that became very obvious at the end when Nyk came into the picture. That wasn’t an issue for me, I just had to get my brain in the correct perspective!

I really, really liked Talyn as a hero. He’s now one of my favorite characters in the series. He was so loyal, so much of a good person despite all the horrible atrocities that had been committed against him. No matter how poorly someone treated him, he always did the right thing. He was fiercely protective of his loved ones and constantly fought to make his life better.  Continue reading “My Thoughts: Born of Defiance”

The Mobile Mistletoe Series

If you aren’t keeping up with The Mobile Mistletoe Series, you should definitely check out the last two releases:

Rules of Love (#6) by Natalie-Nicole Bates and Bad Boy’s Second Chance (#5) by Jennifer Conner. There will be two additional releases this year…mine and Sarah’s. My story is a romantic Christmas tale set in Vermont. Look for it later in the fall.

But back to Natalie-Nicole’s and Jennifer’s stories…



On the surface, Paige Paget seems to have it all. She’s beautiful, confident, successful, and the co-owner of a new business, Cheer-Mania Academy, with her sister, Polly.

But beneath her seemingly charmed life, Paige is a woman stifled by rules.
When she meets Jordy Evans, the brother and now guardian of Paige’s fourteen year old student, Gabrielle, she believes Jordy may be the man of her dreams.

Dating a man with the responsibility of parenting a teen means a whole new set of rules, and Paige isn’t so sure she can handle it. Continue reading “The Mobile Mistletoe Series”