Cinderella & The Fairy Secret

Cinderella-and-The-Fairy-SecretTitle:  Cinderella & the Fairy Secret

Series:   Queerky Tales 4

Author:   Rhys Christopher Ethan

Published:  May 21st, 2014

Word Count:  10,000

Genre:  Fairy Tales, LGBT


The story of Cinderella, a timeless classic, the one every boy and girl have heard and grown up with, about a girl in distress finding her happy ever after.

Meet Fiorella. Young, beautiful and magical. You might think she has it all, and you’re right. She has a big house, a beautiful garden, a loving father. She also has a wicked step-mother, who hides no empathy and a step-brother whose arrogance is intolerable.

Fiorella wants to escape and she has the means to do it, to run away and reunite with her long lost mother. But then she meets Sogna, the palace princess, and her whole world is changed. Leaving is no longer an option.

What is she willing to sacrifice for the princess of her heart?

Cinderella and the Fairy Secret is the fourth installment in Ethan’s series of classic fairy tale retellings and is suitable for all ages.

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