M-M #SampleSunday

The day has gotten away from me – ahhh! I was hoping to get this #SampleSunday post up sooner rather than later, but hopefully it’s okay as it is still Sunday…for another couple of hours at least!

Allow a brief digression, and then I will get to the sample…last night I went on a Historic/ Ghost Tour – Gravediggers and Ghosts of Sharpsburg in the town of Sharpsburg (where the Civil War Battle of Antietam took place). Mark, our guide, was well-versed in local lore and history. He actually gave me several good ideas for my Halloween story. I’m anxious to get back to writing it. This is the story where my main character – Zach Werner – is based upon Michael Taggart’s model Trevor Werner. Check out Michael’s site here for pics of Trevor. Continue reading “M-M #SampleSunday”

The Wrap: Vol 1

This post is a test of my new idea. Now that my schedule is changing (insert grumbling here), I know I won’t be able to blog as much as I have been. I’m going to try – try being the key word – to post The Wrap on Saturday. It will give an overview of the past week, a kind of summary all things Denise.

Feel free to give me comments/ feedback 🙂 Continue reading “The Wrap: Vol 1”