Flash Fiction Friday

I wanted to share another piece of flash fiction I wrote as a part of Lisa Kessler’s class. I had so much fun working on these short fiction pieces. The max word count for this assignment was 500 words. I used every available word. We were told to write a romance piece, but a sub-genre that was something new. Since I normally write romance, I picked historical–Civil War era. I hope you enjoy the peek into Elizabeth’s day! And I hope you appreciate that I stepped out of my comfort zone to tackle a historical piece. LOL

A Chance Meeting

Last night, she kissed a Union soldier. Her very first kiss. His firm lips upon hers, the touch of his rough hands, and the scratchy wool of his blue uniform…it all felt so real. She’d been shocked to realize it was only a dream.

Elizabeth pushed her sleeves up and wiped her sweat-drenched forehead. The June morning seemed no different than the day before—bright sunshine and high humidity.

Deciding it was too hot to do laundry inside, she set-up the large wooden bucket on the back porch then filled it with hot water. After grabbing the soap and worn washboard, Elizabeth started scrubbing. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday”