Denise’s Writing

Heating_Up_The_Summer1Heating Up the Summer, an erotic romance anthology

Description: Six short-stories to make your Summer sizzle. An anthology collection from your favorite, best-selling erotica authors.

Available on Amazon at (in both paperback and on Kindle)

Latin_Heat_Test1Latin Heat, an erotic romance short story

Description: Broken-hearted Simone Blackburn escapes to a beautiful Caribbean paradise to forget her cheating ex-husband and finds herself face-to-face with the one thing she hoped to avoid: an available, sexy, and handsome man.

Available on Amazon Kindle at

Wild_Horses_FinalWild Horses, a sweet contemporary romance short story

Description: Georgia Adams is a coffee shop owner whose mother died less than a year ago. Now, Georgia faces her first Christmas alone. Even though she’s made friends in Santa Fe, her life is empty, her heart lacking love. After Christmas Georgia is inspired to dust off her camera. She sets out to photograph wild horses frolicking in the snow. While taking their photos, she also photographs a handsome man and his son.

When Jonathan Marker introduces himself and Aiden, Georgia finds her curiosity piqued. Later, Jonathan pays her a surprise visit to her shop that leaves Georgia flustered, yet hopeful.

They steal passionate kisses and despite interrupted dates, she’s still hesitant to embrace the companionship Jonathan offers. Will Georgia finally find a way to open herself to the possibility of love on the most romantic day of the year?

Available on Amazon Kindle at

Tumbling in Time2Tumbling in Time, a PNR/ urban fantasy story

Description: Meteorology student Tasha Hutchinson knows that catching a ride on a twister will lead her to Arikk, a hunky wizard. The pair spends most of their time together battling demons, leaving Tasha little time to win his heart. Even with Mother Nature – Arikk’s meddling mother – on her side, will it be enough to win her stubborn wizard’s heart?

Available on Amazon Kindle at

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