Avery’s Writing

Torquere_Charity_CoverDrama on Skyline Drive, a short story follow-up to Mountain Memories


As ranger Mason Lake settles  into his new job at Shenandoah National Park, he is quickly tested with a  morning crammed full of annoying calls for service and ominous weather. The  only bright spot is a phone call from his boyfriend, Jax, wanting to meet for  lunch…but a heated argument ensues when the pair finally catch up.

Before they can make amends, a frantic driver interrupts, reporting a  badly injured hiker. The other rangers in the area are all occupied, but Mason  needs assistance to rescue the wounded teen. Will Jax be willing to set aside  their differences to help, before the storm breaks?

Available from Torquere Press at http://goo.gl/xec3Pu

mountainmemories3_webMountain Memories, a contemporary m-m romance novella


After a painful breakup, Jackson “Jax” Chamberlain, pianist and composer, takes a solo trip to the mountains of Colorado for a refreshing change of scenery. Mason Lake, a ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park, volunteers to staff a secluded patrol cabin through an oncoming snowstorm, partly to escape his sometime lover’s demands for a more serious relationship. An ill-advised hike and an animal attack bring Jax and Mason together, allowing them to wait out the storm and explore a heated passion.

Their bliss ends, however, with the arrival of an unexpected stranger, a bullet, and Mason’s lover. Will the men recover from such devastating wounds to find each other again?

Available on Amazon Kindle at http://goo.gl/dmmJg

Saving_Taylor_edSaving Taylor, a sweet m-m romance short story


Bergen Klaus, a well-respected landscape architect, is over forty, single, and looking for love. He wants to explore an interest in a co-worker, except company policy frowns on inter-office relationships. Not to be deterred, Bergen devises a creative plan that allows him to come to Taylor’s rescue. But will it be enough to catch the younger man’s eye, and still allow him to make his intentions known without alerting the boss?

Taylor Prescott, a young interior designer, is dedicated to his job and oblivious to Bergen’s advances. Instead, Taylor is more than a little put off by the “gifts” that keep mysteriously popping up in his office. Can Taylor get past his insecurities to discover the truth of this office mystery? Will he be receptive to Bergen’s attempt at catching a boyfriend?

Available on Amazon Kindle at http://goo.gl/hqBzAZ

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