About Me

Where should I begin… Perhaps an updated list would be best (it is amazing how you can change in two years!):

** Note: The first list was published in 2010. I updated it in August 2012 (what you see below). I’m curious to see what will have changed by August 2014. Stay tuned!

– Lutheran – now a Christian looking for a church to satisfy my spiritual appetite

– Fledgling Writer – now I’m a step or two up from fledgling! LOL

– Civil War Re-enactor – Union – Yes, still do this on occasion

– Runner – hope to be marathoner – now, not gonna happen. The knees are a wreck. Enter hiking and cycling.

– Knitter – mostly in the colder months – Yes, still enjoy knitting and shopping for yarn.

– Prefer cats to dogs – Still true; although, I can’t have a dog where I live. . . maybe some day!

– Definitely NOT the next American Idol – do play piano & attempt to sing – Fo’ sho’

– The only good spider is a dead spider – Another truth that holds!! Heh-heh

– Paranormal romance fiend – Absolutely!

I decided to leave the older items – is kind of fun to see where I’ve been and where I am now. In the next two years, who knows what will happen!

6 thoughts on “About Me

      1. LOL – I live in California. I love black widows. As long as you stay on their good side, they eat all of the smaller, more annoying pests. Flies and nats – *shiver* – they drive me mad! Plus, I enjoy getting great pictures of them at night (black widows that is, not nats or flies) 🙂


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