More of the Interview

Well, I heard from Julie that Mr. Toussaint isn’t pleased that I haven’t shared the remainder of the interview. She kindly reminded me (on his behalf) that he took the time to meet with me, the least I could do would be follow through on publishing the rest of the interview.

For those of you who know me well, you know I’m not one to be pushed around…polite suggestion with a charming smile or not. Sooo, I conveyed to Julie that I would do my best to share more of the interview. I didn’t specify when or just how much, but I did agree that I shouldn’t keep you, my readers, waiting any longer for more of my talk with that vampire.

Ok, where did we leave off…

“Wonderful, Mr. Toussaint.” I give him what I hope is a confident smile before opening my notebook and uncapping my pen. “You don’t mind if I take notes, do you?” I take a sip of iced coffee while awaiting his response. Ugh, such a bad hostess! “Mr. Toussaint, did you want to grab a beverage before we start? So he doesn’t think I’m offering my neck, I quickly add, “They have coffee, water, wine, and other spirits.”

“Please take all the notes you like,” he assures me. He leans back in his chair, stretching out legs that seem to go on forever. I stop staring and focus my attention a little higher.

“I would not say no to a glass of red wine,” he says. “It’s good for the blood… pressure.”

Did he just smirk at me when he said that or is my imagination working overtime?

To distract myself, I flag down a passing server and order this alleged vampire a twelve dollar glass of Pinot noir. Gotta keep him happy, right?

Back to the business at hand. I’m sure it’s politically incorrect, but I want proof the sexy creature across from me is actually a vampire. “Mr. Toussaint, I’m surprised that as a vampire you drink wine. Do you also eat human food or does only blood sustain you?” I tap my pen on my notebook. Now or never, right? “Also, I’m sure my readers will want confirmation you’re actually a vampire and didn’t just stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Any chance I can get a peek of your pearly whites, you know, the extra, long pointy ones?”

For a long moment, his expressive eyes meet mine and he holds my gaze in his as he leans toward me, like a cobra toward a mongoose. You’ve heard of goose pimples, right? I think I have condor pimples rippling across my arms, a not entirely unpleasant feeling. I know, mixed message, right?

“You vant me to trink your blood?” he asks in the smoothest Transylvanian accent I’ve ever heard. So why am I leaning toward him?

The spell is broken as he laughs, a sound unbelievably musical, his lips widening in a broad grin. Alas, no sign of elongated canines. Unless… perhaps he only shows them when he truly intends to bite? Suddenly I’m not so sure I need to see that up close and personal.

“Sorry,” he apologizes in his own normal tones, which are sexy enough as it is. “Sometimes I can’t help myself.” And then, for just a second, I watch as his upper lip pulls back and his canine teeth elongate in one fluid motion, but only for a second, before disappearing from view once more.

Damn, that’s freaking incredible!

I catch myself staring, wondering if he will offer me another look or maybe even allow me to touch them. I’m sure they are as smooth as his personality. No doubt he doesn’t have problems finding someone to eat!

I can check that box now…he’s obviously a real vampire. I scribble a quick note before scanning some of the other questions I had written earlier in the day.

“While I’m sure these are mundane questions for you, my readers are curious about the vampire lifestyle. Would you mind if I ask some general questions?”

I find myself holding my breath, waiting for his answer. If he says no, this interview will be damn short.

“As you wish,” he says smoothly as he reaches for his glass of wine.

When did that arrive and why didn’t I notice?

“First up, can you go out in daylight or are you just a creature of the night?”

“Creature of the night… such a romantic notion, but alas, so inaccurate. Day, night, it’s all good.” He shrugs, but elegantly, as he seems to do everything. With a dash of panache.

“How do you feel about crosses, holy water, and wooden stakes?”

In reply, he reaches inside his shirt and draws out a most unusual cross I hadn’t noticed before. It actually hangs on a chain around his neck.

“As you can see, I own a cross. I don’t go to church, so I don’t generally come across holy water, but seriously, what is it but tap water with an attitude? And wooden stakes are as painful to me as they would be to you. I mean think about having one thrust into your chest. Not a very promising scenario for either one of us.

“Know any werewolves? And I’m not talking about the Jacob kind from Twilight.” It’s a legit question, right? If vampires are real, who’s to say other supernatural creatures don’t walk among us?

“You do like to cover all your bases, don’t you? Again, a romantic notion, the idea of the human who turns into a wolf at the beck and call of the full moon. Personally, I have never seen one, so I cannot say that they exist. But I’m willing to admit anything is possible.”

Annnd, once again, you will have to return for more of my interview with Mr. Toussaint. Next time, we get a little personal!!

Until then, feel free to stop Julie’s site and read the latest chapter of An Unholy Alliance.

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