Mount Davis

This past week I made a trip to Pennsylvania’s highest point: Mount Davis in Somerset County (southwestern PA). It isn’t very impressive, barely topping 3200 feet. But, the Appalachians don’t quite compare to the Rockies when it comes to elevation!

The summit is drivable, no need for hiking here. There is a rather sturdy lookout tower one can climb for a better view…of the trees! Seriously, though, it is rather impressive. If you only have one time of year to visit Mount Davis, I would recommend coming when the leaves are changing.

In addition to the lookout tower, hiking trails lead from the same parking area. A nice picnic area is nearby. So make a day of it! Meyersdale is the closest town. You will find places to eat, fill up your car, and a trailhead for the GAP—Great Allegheny Passage—Trail.

I highly recommend walking or biking the GAP. Give yourself plenty of time to explore it, though. The trail begins in Cumberland, MD, and goes to Pittsburgh, PA. If you’re short on time, the Confluence-Ohiopyle section is pretty scenic!

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