Let’s Drive!

I recently returned from a trip to Florida. I really enjoyed my time, and I can’t wait for my next adventure.

I flew down and stayed with a friend in her 32’ travel trailer. The beach rocked—minus the sunburn on the tops of my feet, of course—and the coconut shrimp was to die for. Seriously.

To get home, I rode with her as she pulled the travel trailer north. I channeled Ben Rector’s hit Drive the whole time. She wouldn’t let me play it on a continuous loop even through I tried!!

Like a river connects to the ocean
This pavement touches wherever we go and
White lines flyin’ by, who knows what we’ll find. . .

Lyrics excerpt from Drive
Somewhere in Georgia or maybe South Carolina!

Now, as I wait for my car to be serviced, I’m wondering where my next trip will be. She’s an awesome travel friend, and we’ve already discussed camping in upstate New Year near a lake and hiking the white mountains of New Hampshire.

Stay tuned to find out where the pavement leads. As Ben sings, “I don’t care, anywhere…let’s go!”

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