Yost Run Falls

A bust. I’m not going to keep you in suspense or beat around the bush, Yost Run Falls was a trickle.

A little background…Yost Run Falls is located in northern Centre County, PA, in Sproul State Forest. I was looking for a pretty waterfall hike that wasn’t 3 hours from home (but I wanted something north for hopefully better leaf color). Yost Run fit the criteria.

I know PA has been suffering from drought conditions (see below), but 2 days prior to my hike, we had some pretty significant rainfall. That gave me hope. Well, that is, until I started to hike.

Make no mistake about it…the leaf color and sunny skies saved the day! The hike down to the falls—Er, trickle—was absolutely gorgeous! I had the trail to myself given that it was a weekday morning.

Old logging road (photographed on the return from the trickle)

It wasn’t a long hike, though it was downhill to get to the falls. I’m not going to give a play-by-play on directions. If you visit PA Bucket List here, you will find detailed directions with photos to guide you. Another good resource is the book Waterfalls of Pennsylvania (Best Waterfalls by State) by Jim Cheney.

So, you really want to see the falls, you say…Brace yourself and get out a magnifying glass!

The Trickle, formerly known as Yost Run Falls

Upon my return home, I decided to check out the United States Drought Monitor for Pennsylvania. Yes, yes, I know, I should have checked this before I went. According to the Drought Monitor, that part of the state is classed as “D2: Severe Drought.” If you read through the description of Severe Drought, well as you likely guessed, none of it is good.

As I mentioned, it was a beautiful day. I drove through some showers on the way home, but for hiking, it was just about picture perfect (minus, of course, the lack of water). If you are looking for an easy, scenic hike, this one might be for you. Just be warned…the falls aren’t really falls. I hate to say the hurricanes usually bring us out of severe droughts, but we need rain. Maybe, if we see snow this winter, Yost Run Falls will return to its former glory in the spring. Fingers are crossed!

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