Evening Song: A Poem

Do you ever need a break from the routines of life? How about from electronics—the phone, laptop, and TV? Does filling your lungs with a deep breath of fresh air revitalize you?

Tonight I left those modern gadgets behind. Sitting on the back porch, it didn’t take long for me to relax. I tuned out the sounds of man—the AC unit kicking on and the car with the missing muffler—to focus on Mother Nature and her song. As I did, words began tumbling around in my head. While I’m definitely not a poet by trade, I tried to write something to express what I felt, observed. I hope you like it!

Evening Song

Cats laze in cool, damp grass
A gentle breeze ruffles my hair
Blackbirds squawk, full of sass

The setting sun warms chilled skin
Garden wildflowers to stately pines
Nature distracts from what might’ve

Crickets warm up, shadows grow long
A tiny meow, a stretch, big yawn
Simple gifts, not a thing to go wrong

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