Colorado Calling, Chapter 2

Avery is on a roll! Anson and Indy are back for the next installment in their story. Remember, this is flash fiction so the story is limited in length—500 to 1000 words.

Please Note: this post may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18. Parts could be considered NSFW. You’ve been warned!

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Colorado Calling

Chapter 2

Quiet. No more moaning. No more sucking sounds. Normally, Anson wasn’t all about cock blocking—but in this case, it needed to be done. There was a part of him that wondered…who was pitching and who was catching?

The client’s son wasn’t a large man, but he was cut—the private gym on the client’s estate was obviously the son’s domain. The information gleaned from their client indicated the son would come willingly. He would likely have some choice words for Anson and Indy, but he wouldn’t put up a fight. His boyfriend, on the other hand, would be the one to watch.

Frantic whispers reached his ears, the words indistinguishable. Anson imagined them scrambling to the far side of the tent while deciding what to do.

Then, once again, silence reigned. Apparently the lovers decided to make like they were invisible. The whole nothing-to-see-here routine. Too bad that wasn’t going to work. Anson and Indy would never fall for such a lame ploy.

Glancing at Indy, he noted his partner’s frown. Indy raised his hands in a what-the-hell motion. He wasn’t used to his plans not working immediately. Anson wished the occupants would make a mad dash for the safety of their vehicle, not cower behind the thin nylon wall. He shrugged in response to Indy. They’d have to wait and see what happened. Patience wasn’t an issue for Anson. While he didn’t want to wait all day all snag his target, he could do it if he had to.

A snicking sound reached his ears. Looked like he might not have to wait too much longer. The tent zipper slowly lowered. Good, Anson thought, let’s get this over with. Unfortunately, the zipper only moved an inch or two. An eye peered through the gap in the fabric, as if checking their surroundings. Not that they could possibly see much with such a small space.

From inside the tent a shaky, not-so-soft voice queried, “What’s out there? What do you see?”

Anson grinned at the answering “shh.” Nothing like a little levity on the job. Well, as long as danger didn’t lurk nearby.

Rustling sounded from across the campsite. Indy was obviously getting impatient and moving on to Plan B. He stomped and thrashed about the underbrush, making enough noise to scare all wildlife within a half mile.

Anson shook his head and refocused on the tent. The zipper was back in motion. He whistled a bird call, getting Indy’s attention. His partner stopped and soundlessly moved back into position.

Soon a mussed head of chestnut-colored hair appeared. Bare shoulders followed. A tattooed left arm was next. The arm groped for a pair of hiking boots, but quickly gave up.

This was their target. The tattoos confirmed the client’s son’s identity. Anson crept closer to the man while trying to remain concealed behind some narrow trees.

The remainder of the body emerged. The son struggled to get out of the tent. Tripping on the base of the door, he nearly sprawled onto the dirt. Well, Anson mused, Grace was not his middle name. It could also have something to do with the fact his boxer shorts were on backwards.

But that wasn’t the best part. Their target held a weapon in his right hand. That is, if an electric blue dildo could be considered a weapon.

A squeak, followed by a loud cough. Indy must be shitting his pants at the sight.

The sound drew the mostly naked man’s attention. He raised his arm, holding the dildo like a club. Ignoring the sex toy, Anson leapt and shoved the man back down to the ground.

End of Chapter

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