Wednesday Flash Fiction

Avery is back to writing—look out!! This time she’s changing things up. Think adventure/suspense with a hint of romance. Don’t worry, romance will be a big part of a larger story that is to come. Right now, she’s writing some flash fiction to introduce you to some hottie guys, three to be exact.

If you’ll recall, the Wednesday Briefiers are a flash fiction group, who limit the length of their stories. They need to fit in the 500-1,000 word range and include the use of a writing prompt.

The prompt Avery chose for this story was three words…beer, bonfire, and blow job (and you were worried it wouldn’t be smexy!). *wink*

Be sure to check out the stories of the other briefers. Links to their flashes are posted below. For now, please enjoy the first installment of Avery’s story!

Colorado Calling

Anson gripped the oh shit handle above his door and braced his left hand on the dash. This was going to be a bad one. The potholes across the so-called road were large enough to swallow a MAC truck. Their beast of a Toyota didn’t stand a chance.

As his head banged the roof, Anson shot Indy a death glare. “Man, take it easy! We have to get there and get out in one piece. And we sure as hell aren’t walking!”

Indy stole a quick glance at his passenger. “Come on, dude! Don’t you trust me?”

Anson wanted to wipe the lingering smirk right off Indy’s face. Granted, the guy drove race cars for a hobby, but this was business. They weren’t going to get paid if they failed to keep the client’s son from getting killed—and not by mountain lions or bears.

The sun popped over the mountains in the distance. Any other time, Anson would have been distracted by the aspens, which were just starting to turn, and the lodgepole pines stately lining the forest service road. Cracking his window, he inhaled a breath of crips autumn air, willing his temper to subside.

“How much farther?” Indy slowed to carefully navigate over some downed tree limbs.

Anson retrieved his cell phone from the side pocket of his cargo pants. He barely had a signal despite the booster they’d mounted in the truck yesterday. He said a quick prayer as he opened the GPS tracking app. Zooming in to the blinking red dot, which indicated the client’s pain-in-the-ass son, Anson was able to estimate the remaining distance. “Head left at the next fork. From there, he’s about a half mile up on the left.” The red dot wasn’t too far off the road. They must have set-up camp fairly close to their vehicle. The client informed them his son was tent camping with his boyfriend. They weren’t due to return for a couple of days. That was gonna get cut short, Anson thought. Safety preempted a romantic interlude in the Colorado wilderness anyday.

Indy broke into Anson’s thoughts. “Do you think they’re awake yet?”

Anson rolled his eyes. “He’s twenty-five, alone out here with his hottie boyfriend. What do you think?”

Letting loose with an evil chuckle, Indy said, “Goodie. I wouldn’t mind snatching his slumbering ass out of that tent.” He paused, apparently rethinking the potential scenario. “Scratch that. I don’t need to see any naked man bits. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll be sitting around the campfire, enjoying some hot coffee.”

After rechecking the app on his phone, Anson kept an eye out for a pull-off. Just up ahead. “Indy, let’s park over there on the right. We’ll hike the rest of the way in.”

“You got it, boss.” Indy skillfully executed a three-point turn on the narrow road so they could face out. Never know when a quick getaway would be needed.

Using the trees and underbrush as concealment, they crept toward the campsite.

Looked like Indy might get more than he hoped for. At first glance, the tent was zipped shut, no fire in the stone ring, their hiking shoes neatly set outside the door. Anson could barely make out their vehicle, neatly tucked into a small pull-off just north of the site.

Sneaking around to the rear of the tent, Anson noted there was not another entrance/exit on the back. He motioned for Indy to keep watch on the front while he moved into position.

All of a sudden, Anson froze, trying to place the noise he’d heard. Tilting his head, he concentrated on the sounds coming from inside the tent. Ah, looked like it was going to be coitus interruptus. He shot a glance at Indy, who grimaced with disgust. Maybe they needed to expedite the retrieval before the blow job became so much more.

Now or never, Anson thought. When he met Indy’s eye over the tent, he signaled for Anson to hold. His partner must have a different plan then what they’d discussed on the ride here.

Being very careful where he placed his feet, Indy moved to the fire ring. He grabbed an empty beer bottle and retreated to his hiding spot. He gave Anson a thumb’s up before tossing the empty in the direction of the others around the fire ring. The resounding clatter was enough to startle the most dedicated of lovers.

Anson bit his lip to stifle a laugh. This ought to be good!

End of chapter

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