The Addition of Travel to the Blog

I felt like you, my readership, were missing a part of me by not including something I really like — travel, exploring, and adventure.

With the spread of Covid-19 and the uncertainties behind the virus, I plan to write posts about past travel, and I will include lots of pictures!

Whether I’m traveling to a state park to explore hiking trails or a new town/city, I want to share my “good finds.” Typically when travel involves a flight or a long car ride, I like to stay someplace that allows me to explore on foot. I also like to discover the “mom & pop” shops and restaurants. I will be sure to include recommendations in these posts. I’m all about patronizing small businesses, saving the environment, and being kind to fellow travelers.

As always, feel free to comment if I’ve overlooked a good place to grab a cup of coffee or enjoy a tasty meal. And you should be warned…sketching and knitting are a part of me so I will likely include comments on any art and/or yarn shops visited *wink*

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