Winter’s Ridiculous Hold

Was it just a week ago that I ran outside without a coat and full-length tights? It’s hard to recall now, given the blowing snow and cloudy skies. While I realize February is hanging on by a slim thread, I thought we’d crossed the threshold to spring. I was wrong. Silly me, trying to rush Mother Nature. What in the world was I thinking??

In an effort to whine in a more productive manner, I’ve been working on a poem. After several rounds of edits, I like it, but I’m not sure that I love it. Please feel free to offer suggestions in the comments. I promise…I won’t be offended.

Winter’s Revenge

Awakened by a furious, whipping wind
I huddle beneath the covers and groan
Creaking and shuddering my house complains
Go away Winter, relinquish your throne!

Braving chill bumps I crawl from my bed
With courage gathered, I open the blind
Dismayed at the sight I lower my head
Go away Winter, enough with this grind!

Swirling and dancing, snowflakes fly
Pine trees sway to an unheard tune
Critters and birds nowhere to be seen
Be gone with you Winter, 'tis time for good-bye!

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