Ready for Spring

With plentiful sunshine, I find myself pushing through the last days of winter and heralding spring. Mother Nature has given us a reprieve from a normal snowy winter. Not to say we haven’t had cold and snowflakes, just no huge storms with record-setting accumulations. (And now that I’ve just jinxed us, I’m sure we will have a foot of snow tomorrow!)

As I spent an afternoon outdoors, carefully navigating muddy patches to begin tidying the yard, my mind drifted, cataloging the sights and sounds noted by my senses. I later turned that into a poem. I hope you enjoy it!

Spring on the Farm

Smiling I revel, skipping down stone stairs
As a light breeze tickles bare arms
Sunlight colors my dull, dry hair
Awake, awake oh sleepy farm!

Spring, you tease, don’t stay away
Mud and muck, your day is done
Chores await, fields no longer gray
Awake, awake oh sleepy farm!

Red-breasted robins have returned
Cats and kittens tumble and play
Wandering chickens peck unconcerned
Awake, awake oh sleepy farm!

Breathe deep, inhale that fresh air
Sweep Winter’s detritus to the side
Rejoice in renewal, oh so fair
Awake, awake oh sleepy farm!

Twilight descends and stars appear
Crickets and bullfrogs their songs I hear
Frozen I stand as two deer draw near
Goodnight, my farm, and happy new year!

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