Poetry for a Dreary Day

What a miserable day! The snow we had overnight melted when the temperature rose and the precipitation changed to rain. Think damp, gray, and well…dreary. After working on my taxes, I decided to engage my creative brain. Maybe I could make something out of this blah day. I worked on a poem, and to my surprise, it came to me fairly quickly. I hope you enjoy it!

In search of Brighter Days

Sloppy, slippery mud for miles
Icy wind such a trial
Winter's hold steadfast, bleak
Sullen skies make me weak

Oh Mother Nature, where’s the sun 
Blue skies, lush grass, and fun 
Lightning bugs and chirping crickets 
Soft dew and verdant thickets  

But, February if you must 
Hold fast; pay no mind to my disgust 
For glorious spring’s not long 
And soon will brim with birdsong 

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