A Winter Beach Day

A quick trip to Florida provided much needed sunshine and mild temperatures. Read mild—not overly warm, and definitely not hot. The temperatures greatly exceeded my hometown’s highs so I truly welcomed the warmer air.

We spent an afternoon in Clearwater Beach. Temperatures hovered around 60, feeling much cooler thanks to strong winds. While I didn’t feel like breaking out my sketchbook, I made some mental notes of the imagery that I could later incorporate into a poem. The poem has taken shape, and now I share it with you.


A Winter Beach Day

Sun beams in a cloudless blue sky
Wind whips and chills my skin
Crashing waves assault the beach
Sand, brilliant white, cool on my feet

Bundled in red fleece, lifeguards man yellow towers
Pier 60 stands resolute against the tide
Undeterred, shorebirds pilfer scraps of food
Inhaling salty air, warm in my sweater, I relax