An Interview with Cynthia Dawn Griffin

Have you seen Dawn’s new website? If not, you need to stop by and check it out! Here’s the link:

After I noticed she made major changes,I had a bunch of questions for her! Lucky for you (and  me) she was more than willing to give me some answers. I decided I would share them with you.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Dawn!

I noticed the website has a new look and feel to it. What prompted the change?

I’ve been interested in growing and expanding my site in what I offer and the message I’m trying to put out there. So far it’s all been about writing, and I did start a Speak Your Truth series last year, because I felt the need to switch gears for a while to go deeper and have more meaningful content. Now I want to combine the two worlds. My blog will still be about writing, but I also want for it to be about personal empowerment.

I have been on a journey the last few years to improve and increase my personal empowerment, and I want to help others do the same. I plan to do this through online classes, continue with Speak Your Truth series, as well as become a motivator to help people to become the best versions of themselves. 

Tell us about your course offerings. What topics are you covering? 

Right now I have two classes, but plan on adding one class a month for the foreseeable future. The first class I have up is called Journaling Your Way to Success. This course goes through some of the steps I took to find more personal empowerment and a more successful life, and doing it through journaling. The second class is called Busting Through Writer’s Block, where walks through different causes of blocks and how to get past them as well as talk about some tools to use to keep writing blocks at bay.

Other classes I will be working on for the future includes Becoming the Master of You, Writing Yourself Into a Better Life, and So You Want to Be a Writer?

Will you still continue with your blog?

Oh yes, I’m not entirely sure in what capacity. I’m still coming up with ideas and plans. Right now these are the regular posts to expect.

This month (September) I am opening it up for others to come promote themselves and their book or services. I believe there are many people out there who have some great products and I want to share them.

I also still plan to pick one book a month to read and then review on my blog (and Amazon). My aim right now is to find indie and self-published work to review. You can contact me through my contact page if you have a book they would like me to look at.

I will also still do at least one Speak Your Truth post and plan on doing at least one writing related post a month as well.

What tip or suggestion would you give someone just starting their creativity journey, whether is painting, journaling, or writing?

My suggestion is to go with what makes you excited, and that’s going to look different for everyone. If you just go along with something because you feel you have to or out of some sort of obligation, then it sucks all the creativity out of it. So writer, paint, journal, dance, or whatever! Having fun is the number one thing to remember when being creative!

I know I’m interested in what happens next…any spoilers or hints about what follows Blood Feud? I’m dying to learn more about Markus, and I’m sure there are a lot of Adar fans out there who want to know how things go for him.

Yes, I have been working on the sequel to Blood Feud off and on all year. The title of book two will be Dark Territories, and this is literally and figuratively. The main characters Adar and Markus find themselves headed to a place in the Ethian Galaxy called the Dark Territories, but this book will also dip into “dark territories” as well.

This book will follow the complicated relationship between Adar and Markus, and have each of them face some pretty dark parts of themselves and the world around them. This theme will also be carried through to the secondary characters as well.

As for Markus we get to see through a series of flashbacks exactly why he hates the Zahn family so much, and show when Adar and Markus first met as children. I’m really loving doing these scenes, and I really think they will add another layer to the story as a whole.

I still don’t have a time of release for this book yet, but I will give more information when I have it. Right now I’m focusing mainly on expanding my blog and classes. I hope to hop back into the Ethian galaxy soon.


So those were all the “serious” or website-related questions I asked Dawn. Stay tuned for a future post where I ask her the fun questions, and we really get to know her!

If this is your first time “meeting” Dawn, here is some additional information about her:

Cynthia “Dawn” Griffin is self-employed, working on all manner of fun stuff from writing, editing, and even likes to design a book cover every now and again. She lives in Maryland with her husband and son. Some of her hobbies include: photography, graphic design, reading, movies, yoga, and spending time lounging on her front porch drinking wine. She also has a weakness for all things chocolate. Cynthia loves writing speculative fiction, science fiction, and non-fiction. She is currently working on a science fiction fantasy novel series, and sometimes even finds time to do a short story or two.

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