Free Flash Fiction

My muse took a break from vacation to write a short flash fiction piece (it wasn’t allowed to be longer than 500 words). It’s based on 3 words: pizza, selfie, and corruption. You might even notice a shout-out to Grimm *wink* I hope you enjoy the story…maybe even have a laugh or two while reading it! Enjoy!

Meet the Candidate


Avery Dawes

“Dan, I don’t know why you’re being so stubborn about this,” Joe huffed. “The public loves you. Not even a hint of scandal in your past. Hell, you were volunteering at the homeless shelter when the Willis corruption case broke.”

Senator Dan Carlson closed his eyes. Have patience. Dan couldn’t risk his secret getting out. Once he announced his presidential bid, all bets would be off. His Maine constituents didn’t care what he did during the full moon, but the Washington media would love to know he and Grimm’s Monroe shared more than a love of watches. For now, how to explain it to his persistent best friend and advisor?

“The kids are too young for that kind of spotlight. Besides, the ex-wife will throw me under a bus the first chance she gets.”

“Fine.” Joe shook his head, “Come on, let’s hit Grover’s Alehouse. Maybe pizza and beer will change your mind.” 

“Nice try, Joe, but my mind’s made up.” Dan grabbed his suit jacket. “But I won’t say no to grub. I’m starved.”

Three hours and four pitchers of beer later, Dan fumbled with his smart phone. Better a cab than being seen slobbering drunk on the metro. Then, stumbling the block-and-a-half to his apartment…not good for any politician.

“Senator, Senator Carlson!” An attractive gay couple hurried toward him. Dan frowned. Please no political questions.

The shorter man excitedly asked, “Can I get a picture with you?”

“Is your partner okay with it?” Dan blurted, alcohol short-circuiting his brain.

The man giggled and fluttered his hand. “Oh, don’t worry about him… It’s not like I’m climbing into bed with you. Yet,” he added with a whisper and a wink.

Oh, what the hell. Dan shrugged. “Sure, why not?”

The man threw his arm around Dan’s waist and pulled him close. Holding his phone out, the man tried different angles before complaining, “You’re too tall. Scrunch down a little. I don’t want to look like a midget.”

The senator awkwardly complied. The man pressed a juicy kiss to Dan’s cheek as he snapped the selfie.

* * * *

Two days later, that picture graced the cover of all major D.C. newspapers. The other man in the photo was D.C.’s top chef, who’d recently dumped his partner of five years, to be with none other than Senator Daniel Carlson. The article reported the chef and senator were D.C.’s newest gay power couple.

Dan donned his sunglasses and pushed open the door of his apartment building. A bevy of reporters hovered just outside, hoping for a juicy tidbit.

“Senator, you were married and have children. When’d you switch teams?” Another asked, “Senator, what’s your role in the relationship? Top or bottom?” A third queried, “How do you feel about possibly being elected the first gay president?”

Dan roughly pushed through the crowd, leaving their ridiculous questions unanswered. Let them think I’m gay, he mused. At least his being a werewolf would remain a secret for a little while longer.

the end

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