My Blog, How I have missed thee

Yes, I’m still alive and mostly well!! I started grad school two weeks ago, and have been absolutely overwhelmed. I knew to expect a lot of work, but this is a bit much! My life outside of work has been dedicated to school—no blogging, no writing, very minimal sketching, and even less exercise (boo!).

I feel like I’ve managed my time a bit better this week so I’m going to take a moment to relate some of my recent activities.

On the reading front…

  • I’m almost caught up on Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series. I’m holding off on the next book because once I finish that one, I will have to wait until July to read the next one.
  • I have gone back to the Scot Harvath series, written by Brad Thor. I’m reading Blowback now, and while it is good, Scot isn’t Gabriel, and Brad’s writing doesn’t have the in-depth, smooth flow that Silva’s does.

On the movie front…

  • I went to see London Has Fallen in the theater. I know, it got pretty crappy reviews, but if you’re in the mood for lots of action, this is the movie for you! Also, it doesn’t hurt that two hot guys in suits do an awesome job of staying alive and taking care of the bad guys.

On the travel front (which also includes the photography front)…

  • I spent the weekend (two or three weeks ago) in southern Virginia. I went to the Truck Graveyard in Columbia. What a fantastic place for old truck photography! I’m so glad I made the trip. The weather was chilly and overcast, but no ticks or bugs so I’ll take it!
  • I spent the night in Culpeper, VA, and had a relaxing time! I stayed at the Suites at 249 (website), ate at Flavor on Main, and had coffee the following morning at the Raven’s Nest. I had a lovely time and can’t wait to do it again!

On the writing front…

  • What writing front? LOL The only writing I do now for school…
  • Except for the fact I had a pretty interesting dream and took some time to make some notes. It was by no means a complete story, but it gave me some good ideas. It also has been exploring mixing First Person POV and Third Person POV in the same story. Anyone ever try it? How did it work?

Last but not least, my new cell phone is killing me!

  • I got the LG G4 because of its awesome camera (the old truck photos shown here were taken with it).
  • However, it will no longer send or receive MMS messages from my house. My service is Verizon, and I live in a non-Verizon area (no stores; another cell company has a monopoly). Ugh! It is so frustrating because my old Samsung phone didn’t have issues with this.
  • Additionally, it is completely unpredictable with service and with connecting to my home Wi-Fi network. None of my other devices have issues, just the phone. If I didn’t love the camera so much…well, I’ll let you fill in the blank!

So, I’m not sure when  I will be posting again, but please don’t give up on me! I miss doing book reviews and sharing, but with any luck, I’ll do better with balancing school and life and have time to visit the blog. Cheers!

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