Wednesday Briefs: Now You See It

Avery is back this week with a standalone story. After reminiscing with a friend, she had a good story idea that fit with one of the picture prompts.

Before we get to that, remember that the stories need to be 500-1000 words and use a prompt. This week’s story inspiration came from a story when Avery was in Colorado watching a meteor shower. The picture prompt was a UFO spacecraft. You know, a basic silver flying orb, not the fancy mega-ship from Independence Day. I should note, too, that the story is set in the Midwest, and not in Colorado.

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Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

Now You See It


Avery Dawes

Brilliant oranges and vivid yellows filled the sky as the sun began its descent below the horizon. Jeff couldn’t believe his luck. A comfortable makeshift love nest in the bed of his pick-up truck, gorgeous scenery in a secluded location, and the most handsome man snuggled in his arms.

“This is the best idea! I’ve never watched a meteor shower in such a romantic place.” Liam nuzzled Jeff’s neck, nipping lightly at the skin.

Jeff tilted his head to the left, giving his hottie better access. “Mm, babe…you keep doing that and you’re going to get a meteor shower of a different kind.”

“Well, since I really want to see the Perseids, maybe I’ll have to slow down my teasing.” After a wink, and one last, lingering nip, Liam wiggled out of Jeff’s arms and sat up. “I think I’m ready for a drink. Where’d you hide the vodka?”

The sight before him was a supreme distraction. Because of the warm August air, the guys had shed their shirts soon after Jeff had parked. The man who now sat facing the sunset was nothing but sinewy muscle and tanned skin. His jet black shoulder-length hair had escaped its tie and now ruffled in the light breeze.

“Earth to Jeff? Vodka?”

Damn. Busted. He licked his lips as blood rushed to his cheeks. “Sorry, there’s this sexy, mostly naked guy right in my field of view. I, ah, got…” He shook his head. “What was your question?”

Husky laughter greeted his ears. Those twinkling blue eyes and bright smile would be the death of him.

“Vodka. Location of.” Liam waggled his eyebrows. “Do I need to put a shirt on until you answer my question?”

“Smartass,” Jeff grumbled while pushing some of the blankets aside. “The vodka’s in the cooler with the ice and the glasses.”

Liam made a major production of leaning over Jeff, apparently trying to show off his sculpted physique. He quickly filled two glasses with ice and vanilla-flavored vodka.

Arranging the pillows so they could sit-up and enjoy their drinks, Jeff accepted his glass and pulled Liam back into his arms. “I’d say we have another half hour or so until the show begins.”

“That gives us plenty of time for something else…” His sexy hottie leaned over and teased one of Jeff’s nipples with his ice-cold tongue.

“Oh God,” Jeff moaned, “do that again.” He did his best to shift the bulge in his shorts without spilling his drink. Was it too soon to unzip and give Liam easy access?

“Like that, did you?” Liam blew lightly across the puckered nipple before once again taking the nub between his lips.

Jeff threw his head back as his hips bucked. He cracked his eyelids, searching for a safe place to set his drink.

“What the hell–” He pushed Liam’s head away and squinted at a blob in the distance.

Glancing in the same direction, his hottie sounded distraught. “What’s wrong? Why’d you do that?” Jeff was not known for halting such lascivious activities.

Jeff shot Liam sideways glance. “You don’t see it?” He pointed in front of them.

Pushing a stray lock of hair from his eyes, Liam leaned forward and appeared to study the area where Jeff indicated. “No, it can’t be…”

“We haven’t had that much vodka,” Jeff’s voice trailed off as the object sped closer. Definitely not just a blob.

“There’s no such thing as UFOs or aliens. It has to be some new fangled device the Air Force is testing.” Liam rubbed his eyes before throwing up his hands. “It has to be. It just does.”

Jeff’s voice shook. “Does our military have anything shaped like a flying saucer that moves that fast?”

“Um…maybe we need to get out of here?” Liam crawled toward the tailgate of the truck.

The gleaming silver craft hovered above the truck for several seconds. Although, to Jeff, it felt like hours. He couldn’t speak, he could only silently pray that they weren’t going to be sucked into the craft and be experimented on.

“Oh God,” Liam breathed, his voice barely audible, as a loud clang emanated from the ship.

“Don’t move. Don’t draw attention to yourself.” Jeff had finally found his voice and barked out the nearly inaudible order.


And, with that, the craft shot off toward the north. One minute it was there, the next a reddish-orange trail streaked through the sky. That trail was the only indicator that something had once been there.

“Babe, get me the bottle of vodka.”

As if on autopilot, Liam retrieved it from the cooler, unscrewed the lid, and handed it to Jeff.

He took a big swig. Paused. Then took another, longer swig. After wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Jeff said, deadpan, “Well, I did promise you one helluva show.”

~ the end ~

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