13 Hours: A Must-See Movie

13hours-finalposterToday I went to see the new 13 Hours movie. I have to say that it was just as good as the book. I’m not sure what movie the critics were watching (they weren’t so positive), but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also have to say I was very impressed with my fellow moviegoers. The theater was packed! At the end of the movie, there was complete silence in the theater. You could have heard a pin drop. Even though I knew the outcome, I found the final scene very moving.

Despite your politics, I encourage everyone to either see the movie or read the book. The former special forces soldiers in the movie embody the definition of “hero.” They didn’t have to go help. They chose to fight for those who needed help. In fact, they wanted to go sooner than the CIA Station Chief allowed. Maybe Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith would still be alive had then been allowed…we’ll never know.

Jack, Rone, Tanto, Boon, Tig, and Oz (shouldn’t forget Bub either) deserve many thanks for going above and beyond…especially those who gave their lives. They were one talented group of men who worked so well together…it’s hard to say how many lives they did save based on their selfless actions.

Thank you! Thank you for your bravery and for making the absolute best of a horrible situation.

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