Wednesday Briefs: Touchdown

Avery is back with another flash fiction piece about Cam and Marcus. If you recall, around Thanksgiving, Cam had been blown off by his sort-of boyfriend back in the States. Marcus was a cute Argentine IT worker, who’d taken an interest in Cam.

Things are progressing between the two. See how Christmas vacation went in this edition.  And don’t let the title fool you…no football–or soccer–in this one! Once you’re done, check out the links at the bottom for the other Wednesday Briefers!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak



Avery Dawes

The plane jerked before dropping several hundred feet in altitude. Cam awakened with a jolt. “Please, God…” He white-knuckled the armrests and squeezed his eyes shut tight as the plane continued its abrupt descent.

“We’ve hit a line of powerful thunderstorms.” The pilot’s voice sounded as shaky as Cam felt. “Remain seated and stay calm. We’re about a hundred miles from Buenos Aires. I’m afraid we’re in for a bumpy ride the remainder of the trip.”

“Lovely. That just figures. The only luck I’ve had of late is bad luck,” Cam muttered. He’d either been in the air or entertaining himself in airport lounges since Sunday evening. Burlington had been peaceful and serene when he left, a light blanket of pure white snow covering the ground. Now, he’d be landing in the middle of a strong storm. Nothing like going from winter to summer in a day…or was it two? That’s right, it’s the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

No way was he going to sleep through this. His heart thudded in his chest. Cam worried they might not survive this battle with Mother Nature. Good thing you skipped dinner in Bogota. Otherwise…yeah…not going there. If the ride got any wilder, he’d be dry heaving into that little bag. Growing up, Cam was the kid who feigned sickness to get out of a visit to the amusement park.

Think of something else, Cam. Distract yourself. He sighed. It’d been a hell of a trip. Granted, he’d planned on spending Christmas and New Years with his family in Vermont, but he hadn’t planned on having to fly in early. News that his father had suffered a major heart attack forced him to leave Argentina in a hurry. Even though the doctors doubted he’d recover fully, his stubborn father had pulled through and vowed he’d never move into an assisted living facility. No good cheer and glad tidings this Christmas.

The intercom speaker crackled to life, interrupting his dreary chain of thought. “We’re beginning our descent into Buenos Aires. We’ve cleared the main line of storms so the landing should be a bit smoother than first anticipated.”

Well, what do you know, 2016 was starting to look up. Cam released his grip on the armrests, raised the window shade, and risked a glance outside. Too dark to see anything, only rain drops pelting the glass. That was probably a good thing…seeing lightning strike the wing would send him over the edge.

Those raindrops, however, brought back a more pleasant memory, one that Cam found he wanted to revisit. The handsome and funny Marcus Aguirre had given Cam a ride to the airport the morning after he’d received the horrible news. It had been raining, and Marcus had done his best to keep them dry beneath his little umbrella. Cam smiled, remembering how Marcus wrapped his arm around Cam’s waist, holding them close as they dashed out of the weather and into the terminal. And then that kiss, the one Marcus had pressed to Cam’s lips, possessing him, before he’d entered the line for security. It still sent tingles up and down his spine. Cam shifted in his seat, willing his body not to respond to the memory.

All of a sudden the wheels hit solid earth. Not the smoothest landing on record, but they were all in one piece. A round of applause rose through the cabin. Cam joined in, grateful for the pilot’s skill and hopeful his next flight would not be so adventure-filled.

After releasing his seat belt, Cam reached for his backpack. He sorted through the front pocket and retrieved his Blackberry. After a moment, it powered up and dinged with an unopened text message.

Wouldn’t you know…someone was thinking about him. He chuckled as he read the text. Marcus had no idea just how long and arduous his flights had been. Maybe he could play to the man’s sympathies? He could use some TLC right about now. And besides, he had the day off from work. What better way to spend it?

While he waited at the luggage carousel, Cam’s eyes scanned his surroundings. Part of him hoped Marcus would be there to welcome him back with a big hug and another earth-shattering kiss. Marcus probably had to work, though. Cam tried not to be depressed at the thought. After all, he could always surprise Marcus with a romantic dinner that evening.

His bag finally made its way around the carousel. It had to be one of the last ones taken off the plane. Oh well, at least it survived all the transfers. Cam snagged it and turned right into another man. He hadn’t realized someone was standing behind him. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs. That smile. He knew that smile. And those warm, chocolate brown eyes and that black, slicked back hair. The glasses were a new addition, but they only served to enhance the man’s beauty.

Cam dropped his bag. He grabbed Marcus and pulled him close. “You don’t know how good it is to see your smiling face.” Cam buried his face in Marcus’s neck and breathed in the spicy scent of the man he was slowly falling for.

Mi amor, it’s good to see you, too, however, I need to breathe.” Marcus’s soft voice was nearly lost among the noise of the airport.

“Oh dear God,” Cam loosed his embrace, “I’m so sorry! Forgive me?” Cam took a step back as his eyes found Marcus’s.

A light chuckle reached his ears. “All is forgiven. How about we get you home?”

Cam’s smile faded. “Trying to get rid of me already?”

Marcus smacked his arm. “You silly gringo. I have groceries in the car. I plan to make you breakfast and see that you successfully scrub these travel germs away.”

“That sounds like the perfect remedy to airport life and family drama.” Cam pressed a soft kiss to Marcus’s lips. “Now, where are you parked?”

to be continued…

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