So Many Things to Love about Fall

These past two weekends have been outdoorsy weekends for me. Lots of hiking and exploring new trails. One of the reasons for that is my love of fall. It’s my favorite season. During my last hike, I pondered if I could name just 5 things I love about fall. I quickly decided it’s not possible. There are so many more…how could I pick just 5??


With that decided, I’m going to have a Top 10 List. Hopefully, I won’t leave anything out…

So, you ask, what’s so great about fall?

  1. Cool, brisk mornings that warm into pleasant afternoons (after a steaming latte, of course)latte
  2. Beautiful sunsets…love the pinks, purples, and oranges
  3. Apples–anything and everything! Mom’s homemade apple dumplings are the best!
  4. Hiking. Not only are there beautiful colored leaves, the views are that much better due to no humidity
  5. The scent of smoke in the air. Whether from a campfire or a woodstove…love it
  6. Curling up in a fleece blanket and watching a movie. Of course, there’s usually hot chocolate involved.
  7. Sweaters and comfy fleece! I’m so done with shorts and tanks. Bring on cozy-wear!
  8. Pumpkins and fall decorating and food (can I combine all of these into one??). I love orange! And how can you not like pumpkins…or iced pumpkin cookies or pumpkin spice coffee?
  9. Growing up, we called them “woolly worms.” I think they’re better known as woolly bear caterpillars.
  10. Last but not least…I’m not a huge snow fan, but I do like snow flurries. You know fall is truly here when you see a snow flurry. Old man winter has to wait his turn, but before he takes over, I’m going to enjoy all that fall has to offer.

Did I miss anything you would have added to your list? Let me know if I did!


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