Latest Read: Retribution

Title:  Retribution (Will PRetributionarker #1)

Author:  Anderson Harp.

Genre:  Political/ International Thriller

It’s a whopping 528 pages!! (Don’t worry, those pages go by quickly!)


The remote and impenetrable Pakistani mountains have offered refuge to the worst enemies of civilization since the time of Alexander. Now, the world faces a new challenge. Reared from birth to harbor a seething hatred, a lone man is about to unleash a firestorm that will rage for centuries. And the window of opportunity to stop him is shutting much faster than Washington D.C. can hope to deal with.


I’m going to break down my thoughts on this book into two areas: Plot and Character.

First, the plot rocked! It definitely reminded me of a Tom Clancy thriller. Short chapters, lots of POVs, tons of action, and some mystery. The story is right out of today’s headlines. It kept me interested, and I didn’t have any trouble following the story line. Many times I found myself wanting to read on to find out what happens next.

Second, character. I really wanted to know more about William Parker. I feel like the author just scratched the surface with this character. In the various writing classes I’ve taken, characters have often been compared to onions. They need to have multiple layers. As you peel one back, even more is revealed. I felt like William Parker had maybe two layers. He started off very mysterious and in some ways, he remained a mystery throughout the book. Yes, his parents will killed over Lockerbie, Scotland. Yes, he is a language savant and former military man. Beyond that, I want to know what makes him tick. It seems like he has feelings for Clark, but the reader is left to assume (and yes, I realize this isn’t a romance). As a reader, I want to see more of Will Parker, the man, not the military operative who will do anything to take down terrorists.

Overall, I would rate this 3.5 stars out of 5. I’m going to round it to 4 because of the action-packed plot and how realistic it was (scary realistic)!

I want to read other books in this genre. Then, I’ll decide which of the series I want to read (and in which order). I finished the first Mitch Rapp book. I also want to check out Executive Actions by Gary Grossman. Of course, when Todd Moss releases his next Judd Ryker book, I will be all over that!

If you decide to pick up Retribution, get ready for a fast-paced ride that could have been derived from current news headlines.

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