Is Judd Ryker the next Jack Ryan?

Last month, I got to meet author Todd Moss, who was speaking at Politics and Prose in Washington D.C. I have to say that I’m so happy I did. That day I purchased both of his Judd Ryker books. He even signed Minute Zero for me.

It took me very little time to read both books. I couldn’t put either one of them down! If you’re looking for a political thriller filled with mystery and action that is set in Africa, look no further than Todd’s books. And, to finally answer the question posed in my blog title, yes. Yes, I would say that Judd Ryker is the State Department’s Jack Ryan (I’m a huge of Tom Clancy’s early books featuring Jack Ryan so I feel qualified to make the comparison—in my humble opinion, of course!) He’s crafty and intelligent, and not afraid to go to great lengths to prove his theories…all the while helping the good guys come out on top.

The Golden Hour


The Golden Hour: In international politics, the hundred hours following a coup, when there is still a chance that diplomacy, a secret back channel, military actionsomethingmight reverse the chain of events.

As the top American diplomat for West Africa, Todd Moss saw a great deal about how diplomacy and politics actually work. But as he shows us, the results aren’t always pretty. Continue reading “Is Judd Ryker the next Jack Ryan?”