Upcoming Release: Haunted Hotties

I’m so excited to announce that Avery’s latest story will soon be released as part of Torquere Press’s Haunted Hotties Anthology, Volume 2. Yay!

HauntedHotties_Vol2 (1)

Avery’s story is titled The Devil’s in the Details.

Genre:  LGBT Paranormal

Release Date:  October 28th

Here’s the blurb:

October 31st is a special night for Civil War soldiers Oliver Greer and Francis Kirby. Courtesy of a deal with Lucifer, on that night, they rise from their graves not as ghosts, but as men with form and substance.

Psychic Annabelle McPherson runs the most successful ghost tour company in all of Gettysburg. With her ability to interact with ghosts, her tours are far from dull. Of course, Oliver and Francis are ready and willing to give her patrons a show — and a scare they’ll not soon forget.

This Halloween is one to be remembered. When stopping by to see Annabelle, the guys interrupt a violent robbery. One of the caveats of having human form is that if they are mortally wounded, they die.

In their zeal to save Annabelle, Oliver is shot. Will the three survive the night? Will Francis be stuck on Earth while Oliver’s soul labors in Hell?

* * * *

The anthology won’t be out until later this month, but here’s the link to preorder it.

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