Monday Flash Fiction: The Mural

Yay! Avery is back to participate in this week’s Monday Flash Fiction. Remember the flash is based on a picture, and the flash is supposed to be 500 words or less. Avery’s flash came in at 499 words. Woot woot! Thanks, Julie, for the editing help. *hugs*

So I don’t forget, here’s a link to the Monday Flash Group. Feel free to check out the other stories!

Now for the picture:LGBT_Life Gets Better

I want to give credit…the picture is from the Facebook site LGBT: Life Gets Better Together

Now, Avery’s story.

The Mural

I sprinted for the safety of my car. The little old Honda chugged along at best, but had been my refuge on more than one occasion. I locked the doors and breathed a short sigh. At least my asshole father only assaulted me with words, not his fists.

This wasn’t the first time we’d had issues. Thank goodness for Mom. She did her best to keep Dad in check—she was the reason I wasn’t homeless. When she was at work, however, I was at his mercy. This morning was one of those times.

I bit my lip to hold back the tears that threatened to spill. I fought to still my trembling hands as I retrieved my cell. I had to call Dan. Needed to hear his strong, soothing voice.

By the third try, I’d finally hit the right numbers. “Dan, oh God…” I breathed.

“Josh, babe, what is it? Are you okay? Do you need me to come get you?” His raid-fire questions focused me.

I swiped at an errant tear. I would not cry for that asshole. “I-I’m all right. Can I meet you somewhere?”

“Of course. I’m downtown, at Cup of Joe. Why don’t you meet me here and we can walk to the park?”

Coffee and quiet. Both of those I could handle. Even though he couldn’t see it, I forced a smile. “That sounds perfect. See you in fifteen.”

* * * *

Dan gave me the biggest hug imaginable when I met him in front of the coffee shop. He already had my favorite brew waiting. I focused on the warmth of his embrace and the scent of the dark roast awaiting me. I vowed then and there I wouldn’t let this morning’s incident affect the rest of my day.

“You want to hang out here or take a walk?” Dan asked, concerned.

I grabbed his hand. “Let’s walk. It’s a beautiful day.”

“Good. I was hoping you’d say that.” He shot me a wink as he took my hand.

I gave his hand a squeeze and playfully bumped his shoulder. “You sound like you have a surprise in store for me:”

He shrugged. “Ya never know.”

We walked in silence into the art district. From there, it would be a few short blocks to the park. To my surprise, he pulled down Adams Alley. “Let’s take a shortcut.”

I tossed my empty coffee cup into a nearby trashcan. “Sure. I actually like going this way…that new mural is sweet.”

On the next block we paused, taking in the painting of a man and a woman kissing. I kicked a pebble. “You know, we really need a mural of two guys embracing, showing that same kind of tender affection.”

Dan picked me up and pressed my back to the wall. He whispered against my lips, “Let’s make our own. Right now. A live depiction of the love that exists between two men.”

For the first time that morning, my tense features eased.

the end

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