Had Me Laughing! #SampleSunday

Last week, a friend and I exchanged books. She was looking for something different to read so I loaned her Bittersweet, and she loaned me A Handful of Heaven.A_Handful_of_Heaven

A Handful of Heaven is an historical romance written by Kristin Hannah. Historical usually isn’t my thing, but I decided to give this one a try. And I have to say that I like it! It’s set in Alaska in the late 1890s (no London during the Ton). The main characters are Cornelius “Stone Man” McKenna and Devon O’Shea.

Stone Man is very much as his name implies. Stoic, quiet, grumpy. A man with no friends who doesn’t mind some dust or dirt or even lack of a bath. Devon–a lady–is his new partner in his trading post. Well, Stone Man thought the person w
ho answered his ad was a man. Imagine his surprise when Devon showed up!

I’m a third of the way into the book, and I have to give Devon props. She’s one tough lady! I think she’s lasted a lot longer than I would have! 

So here’s the sample that I had to share. For some reason it struck me particularly funny last night.

Beginning on page 65:

The minute Stone Man entered his tent that night, he knew something was wrong. Real wrong. He stopped just inside…

The tent was leaning. A frown creased his brow. “What the–”

“Hello, Stone Man, welcome home,” Devon said brightly…

…”Why is the tent leaning?”

She stopped short. The lace bottom of her skirt shuddered. “Leaning? The tent?”

…”Yes, Devon, the tent is leaning. Why?”

She turned around slowly. An unusual pinkness tinged her high cheekbones. “Well,” she drew out the word, “it could be my armoire.”

He frowned. “Armwaaa? What the hell’s an armwaaa? And why would it make my tent lean?”

She stepped to the left, clearing his view. Directly behind her, where his tent corner used to be, there was now a huge, lopsided square. It looked like a half-smashed soup crate that someone had ripped the bottom out of.

His eyes narrowed, sweeping the dilapidated frame. It was nailed to the wall. Nailed. He shook his head… How could someone so smart in some things be so stupid in others?

“Who said you could put up your damn woman shit in my tent?” He spun around, heading for the door.”

That passage is classic Stone Man and Devon! These two are opposites in every sense of the word.

So far I’m really enjoying the story. Devon is ever so slowly beginning to thaw Stone Man’s very frigid exterior!

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