Bitter Black Kiss Book Tour

Title:  Bitter Black KissBitter Black Kiss

Author:  Michelle Clay

Published:  July 17th, 2015

Publisher:  Hot Ink Press

Genre:  Paranormal Erotica

Content Warning:  Explicit sexual content

Recommended Age:  18+


Former event planner Nicole Riley lost not only her job, but part of her humanity when a concert in L.A., fails catastrophically and the band attacks a rival werewolf pack. Now Nicky keeps her “inner beast” subdued by taking wolfs bane and refuses to become a monster. She’s trying to rebuild her reputation and manages the Bitter Black nightclub where Brody Dunn is the dee-jay.

Brody Dunn, a former special crimes detective turned private investigator, plays on Nicole’s sympathy by claiming to have just suffered a wolf bite. He keeps his past, careers, agenda and just about everything else from Nicole – except for his attraction. Continue reading “Bitter Black Kiss Book Tour”