Monday Flash Fiction: End of the Line

It’s Monday so that means it’s time for a piece of flash fiction. Yay! Remember the rules…the piece is based on a picture prompt and the word count must be less than 500 words. Here’s a link to the group so you can see what other author’s have posted.

I was really happy with this week’s picture—lots of good ideas about this one!


Avery was inspired to write a story on it. Hope you enjoy…

End of the Line

Bryce watched the tail end of the departing train fade from view, left alone on the platform with his backpack and Smartphone.

Eliot would come. He’d promised Bryce on the phone last night. Maybe he’d missed his train and had to take a later one? Maybe the train had a mechanical issue and he’d had to find alternate transportation. He’d arrive soon, surely.They’d only spent one night together, but it had been special. As goofy as it sounded, they’d made a soul-deep connection. This trip was to be the start of building a lasting friendship and a loving relationship. With any luck, Bryce would convince Eliot to transfer schools, move in with him, and finish his master’s. Continue reading “Monday Flash Fiction: End of the Line”