Monday Flash Fiction: Pretty in Pink


I stumbled upon a new Flash Fiction group on Facebook (well, new to me). Here’s a link to the group. Writers, please check it out!

It’s pretty simple. They post a picture prompt on Monday. Writers have a week to put a piece of flash fiction together (has to be under 500 words), and then they share their post the following Monday.

So last Monday’s picture is below:


If you know Avery, you know that she had to take part in this flash. Here goes…

Pretty in Pink


Avery Dawes

“Welcome parents and dancers! We’re so glad you could attend our Halloween party!” Her shrill voice carried across the parking lot as Miss Barnes’s greeted the youngsters entering the studio attired in everything from Frozen’s Elsa to witch costumes. Most parents had chosen to wear street clothes, but Michael noticed a couple in conservative costumes. He spied one dad dressed as Superman and a mom dressed as a maid—not the naughty French variety, either.

“C’mon, Daddy, hurry up!” Tori tugged at his hand, pulling him toward the door. “I don’t wanna miss out on any candy!”

Michael cringed. To be perfectly honest, he was worried about their reception. Tori had insisted they dress alike—as princesses. Perfect in pink. It hadn’t helped that Michael lost a bet to his husband. Otherwise, Thomas would have been the one in high heels and an off-the-shoulder-taffeta gown. And, of course, a glittery tiara.

“Sure thing, honey. Let’s head in.” Michael nervously licked his lips, remembering at the last minute that move might smear the pink lipstick he had so painstakingly applied. Yeah, and you’ll never forget the look of the cashier at the drugstore when you purchased that Pink and Sexy shade. In fact, it’s probably the same look crusty, old-fashioned Miss Barnes is going to give you.

“Mr. Matheson. Tori.” She paused, taking in Michael’s attire. “Um, how…nice of you to join us.”

Yep, called that one. Michael felt his cheeks heat. Before he could apologize, Tori exclaimed happily, “Thank you! We’re pink princess twins!” She beamed at her teacher, apparently pleased with how well they matched.

“Of course, sweetie. Not hard to miss that.” She cleared her throat, not bothering to hide an eye roll.

Michael kept his head down as they walked into the studio.

“Daddy, what’s wrong?” Tori looked at him, her big brown eyes wide, the corners of her mouth turned down.

He forced a smile as he thought about kicking Thomas’s ass when they got home. “Nothing.” He nodded to the right side of the room. “Why don’t we go get some punch?”

Tori hurried ahead of him, greeting some of her fellow dancers as she went. Michael started after her, when someone grabbed his elbow.

“Nice costume, princess.”

A sideways glance showed the speaker to be Franklin, another gay dad. “Hey, bud! No costume for you?”

Franklin chuckled. “I knew I’d never be able to top you.” As if realizing what he said, he hurriedly added, “No pun intended.”

“Ha! No worries. I’m just glad Barnes didn’t try to stop me from entering.”

“I’d have had your back if she did.” He gave Michael’s arm a squeeze. “Looks like you two will be winning the prize for best Daddy-Daughter costume.”

That brought a real grin to Michael’s face. The trophy would make Tori’s night, and he couldn’t wait to see the look on Barnes’s face. Would totally make the embarrassing pink lipstick worth it.

the end

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