Wednesday Briefs: More Shipwreck

Yay! It’s time for another edition of Wednesday Briefs! I hope your ready to read some more of Avery’s story, Shipwreck. Remember Will and Foster? Rescuer and part-time sailor? The next installment in their adventure awaits you…

This week’s flash was based on “have a character snore or drool” in your story. Remember, too, that the flashes have to be 500-1000 words, no more or less.

Below the story are links to the other Briefers’ stories. Be sure to see what they’ve been working on!

Shipwreck, Part III


Avery Dawes

A soft snore escaped Foster’s parted lips. Lips that looked soft and oh so kissable.

Will shook his head. Now was not the time to entertain thoughts of molesting the man he rescued. The part-time sailor must have had a rough time of it out on the water last night. He’d never seen someone fall asleep so quickly after just eating bacon. Will knew better than to think it was his fabulous cooking skills that did the trick. He hoped it wasn’t his quiet, stoic personality.

Moving quietly, so as to not disturb his guest, Will cleaned up the breakfast dishes. With Foster hanging around, he decided he just might need his pain medication. He took a dose, and then debated what to do next. His cottage had a guestroom, but Will hadn’t fixed it up yet. Right now, boxes sat against the one wall, while his desk and laptop took up the space under the window. His mother would be disappointed if he left Foster sleeping in such an awkward position on the cold, granite island. Will knew the hospitable thing to do would be to carry Foster to the master bedroom and let him sleep in Will’s bed.

He walked to the sofa and scratched Luna behind the ears. “What do you think, girl?” he whispered. “Do I carry him to the bedroom, or should I put him on the sofa with you?”

The cat gave a throaty “muurh” before blinking big blue eyes at him.

Some help you are. “Let me clarify…you want him to share the sofa with you?”

It almost looked like Luna rolled her eyes. Despite the attention, she stretched and hopped from the back of the sofa to the middle cushion where she promptly lay on her side and stretched out. She shot Will “the look” before laying her head down and closing her eyes, feigning sleep.

“Well, when you put it like that…” Will chuckled before he playfully tugged her tail.

Decision made, he walked to the island and, ever so slowly, pulled Foster’s stool out just enough that he could get better access without having the guy’s arms and head slide off.

Will took a deep breath. It was now or never. Bending his knees to save putting pressure on his back, he slid one arm under Foster’s knees while pulling Foster’s closest arm toward his body. Foster didn’t completely wake, but he his torso, dropping his arms over Will’s shoulders and snuggling against his chest. Nice of you to help out, sailor. 

Thankfully his injured leg didn’t protest too loudly when Will stood, taking Foster’s dead weight in his arms. He was grateful the guy was thin and lanky. He’d never be able to lift someone his own size.

Will padded dwon the hallway and into the bedroom, careful not to hit the door jamb with Foster’s bare feet. He cursed softly, wishing he’d have thought to come turn the bed down first. Oh, well. He laid Foster on his back and eased the man’s arms from around his neck. The blanket from the couch was a rumpled mess beneath Foster. Will gingerly eased it out from under his body. He draped it over the sailor’s legs, thinking it would keep the man warm if he started to shiver again. Of course Will wasn’t thinking about how he could totally curl up next to the guy and keep him warm. Come on, dude! What is with you today?

Will stared at Foster’s dingy, stained shirt and felt bad that he hadn’t offered the guy clean clothes to start with.

A loud snore escaped Foster, startling him, but not waking him. He shifted again, kicking a leg out from underneath the blanket and throwing his arms over his head.

Perfect. Will waited a moment or two until Foster’s breathing evened out. When it did, he lifted the cruddy shirt from the man’s waist. He was surprised to see sculpted abs. He licked his lips and continued his exploration. A smooth chest and small brown nipples greeted him next. Stop looking at the guy like he’s a meal and you haven’t eaten in days! With shaking hands, Will gently eased the shirt up to Foster’s shoulders. Deciding the shirt should be removed like he would a Band-Aid, he quickly pulled it over Foster’s head and tugged it free from his arms as deftly as he could.

Will froze, holding Foster’s shirt at his side. He stood, waiting for Foster to awaken and yell at him for ruining whatever dream had captured his interest. But it didn’t happen. Foster merely turned onto his side, pulling his knees toward his chest and putting his hands under his cheek. In that pose, he looked so young and so fragile. A handsome man in need of protection. And wasn’t Will in the business of protecting and defending? Before the roadside bomb, dumbass! You were in the business before that hellish day in the desert. 

Yawning, Will decided it couldn’t hurt to keep the sleeping Foster company. He didn’t want the guy to wake and be confused as to where he was or how he got there. For some reason, the part-time sailor brought out his mothering instinct. And wasn’t that just odd? Never happened before. Another one of the strange things going on with him today.

Not wishing to think too hard on why that was, Will adjusted the pillows behind his back and got comfortable. Before long, his snores matched Foster’s.

to be continued…

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Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

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