The Daily Post: Super Sensitive

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Super Sensitive.”

So if I was forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another…

My first thought was I’d give up hearing, but I’m a musician, and I don’t think I could give up listening to the symphony or an accomplished pianist play Debussy. The other thing I would really miss—as in not live be able to live without—the sounds of Nature, whether it’s a babbling brook, the songbirds, or the sounds of the night. I would really miss them!

After further thought, I’m thinking I would give up my sense of smell. I suffer from horrible allergies so my sense of smell is lacking, even on a good day. I’m not a food aficionado so while I might miss the smell of baking bread or Italian food (mmm…garlic!), I could live without it.

The one heightened sense I would love to have is sight. Could you imagine x-ray vision? Or being able tMotel_Breezewood_BW_crop1o have night vision and see like animals do in the dark? On a more basic level, it would love to read in bed without needing my glasses. I’m not a person who can put my fingers in my eye so contacts aren’t an option for me. Although, I did have a coworker offer to put her finger in my eye…hmm…something just not right about that!

Oh, another benefit of having superior vision…when travelling (sans GPS or smartphone), you could read the road signs well in advance so you’d never miss a turn or find yourself in the wrong lane. That seems to happen to me now (I do have a smartphone, but when I need it most, the battery is on its last leg or I’m in the boondocks and don’t have a signal). I find myself throwing up a hand in a wave after sitting with the turn signal on to change lanes. I often hope the other driver notices my out-of-state license plate and cuts me some slack!!

How nice it would be to not have to squint to read the fine print or to observe an animal in the wild without binoculars or to be able to read the nutrition information on a product at the grocery store without needing help??

What senses would you pick? Do you agree with mine? Any other ideas for super-sight; I’m sure I’ve missed some! Leave me some feedback in the comments 🙂

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