Wednesday Briefs: Shipwreck, Part II

Are you ready for more Will and Foster?? I sure hope so! Now that Foster’s no longer lost at sea, we’ve got to find out if any sparks fly between the two guys.

Avery used three prompts (some in a small way) in this post:

  • A cat purring
  • Including a pirate
  • Including a shower

I hope you enjoy this installment of the story! Feel free to leave me a comment or two about the guys!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

Shipwreck, Part II


Avery Dawes

Foster kept his mouth shut, worried he was placing a strain on his rescuer’s bad leg. There had to be a story to go with those scars, but Foster wasn’t in a position to ask what it was. Maybe after he knew the guy more than a couple of minutes. Knowing his luck, he’d open his mouth and his brain would derail. He’d end up asking something completely inappropriate…like, “please let me kiss your scars and make them all better.”

Will’s deep voice pulled him from his too-close-to wicked thoughts. “So, pick your poison, sailor. Would you like some breakfast first, or a hot shower?” Will held the door to the bungalow open, and then guided Foster to the kitchen island before helping him to sit on one of the barstools.

Really? Those are my only two choices? “So I can’t have you for breakfast in the shower? That’s not an option?” Foster waggled his eyebrows suggestively, but had to reach out and grab the counter when his equilibrium took a quick vacation.

Weren’t those fiery red ears precious? Despite Foster’s limbs not cooperating, his eyes were working just fine. Thanks to his close-cropped haircut, Will’s ears were fully on display. It was obvious he hadn’t expected Foster’s question. Too bad he wasn’t operating at one hundred percent. Making Will blush would be a fun and easy task.

Clearing his throat, Will rasped, “Uh, so I’ll grab a blanket for you, and then make breakfast.” He paused when he got to the sofa. “I already saved you from drowning once. I’d rather not have to do it again.”

Darn it! Foster bit his lip to stifle a chuckle. Movement off to his left caught his eye. A poofy cream-colored cat peeked its head around the corner of the island. Bright blue eyes seemed to take him in before the cat padded over to Will.

“What’s up, Luna? Did you notice we have a smarty pants visitor?” Will scratched the cat behind her ears, causing a loud purr to rumble from her little body. The cat allowed the attention for several moments before she hopped on top of the sofa and curled up.

“She’s a really pretty cat. I’ve never seen one with such beautiful eyes.” Foster watched as Luna licked her paw before settling her head on top of it. She blinked twice before her eyelids slowly lowered.

Will returned with the blanket and wrapped it around Foster’s shoulders. “She’s a Himalayan, and not the friendliest. You’ll be safer if you give her a wide berth.” After tucking the throw securely around Foster, Will asked, “Anything particular you’d like for breakfast?”

Foster grinned, a smile that clearly conveyed he intended to spout off something smart. If the guy was going to ask…

Interrupting, Will clarified, “I’m not a chef so let’s keep it within reason.”

“So no crepes with fresh strawberries that I can eat off your abs.” Winking, he continued, “I’m sure there’s a six-pack hiding under that T-shirt.” Foster looked up at Will with puppy dog eyes.

“Yeah. No.” Will pulled out a couple of pans before popping a k-cup in the Keurig. “How about an omelet with a muffin?”

“How about some meat? Bacon and more bacon?” Foster nodded enthusiastically. “That would really help me regain my strength.”

“I think I can manage that.” Will rummaged through the fridge and pulled out an unopened package of bacon. Squinting, he said, “You’re in luck. Hasn’t expired yet.”

“Look at me. I think I need to play the lottery. First, I’m lucky enough to be rescued by you and then the bacon’s still good. Hooray!” A shiver raced through Foster’s body. “Any chance that coffee’s ready yet?”

Will pulled the mug from the machine. “Sure is. Do you take cream or sugar?” He placed the cup in front of Foster.

“Nah, black is good.” Foster wrapped his hands around the mug, soaking in its warmth. He took a careful sip, humming after the first taste. “Just what I needed.”

“Good, glad to hear it.” Will filled the pan with bacon before retrieving the eggs, cheese, and a few veggies.

“Whoa! Hold up!” Foster waved his hands. “No veggies for me. I’m allergic.”

His rescuer appeared to study him. Foster guessed Will was trying to figure out if he was being serious or if he was joking. With a sigh, Will shook his head. “Fine. I’ll let you slide since you’ve had a rough time of it. Eggs and cheese okay with you?”

Foster peered at the clock on the microwave, quietly doing math in his head. “To be precise, I’ve had a rough thirteen hours and twenty minutes. And yes, cheese is fine.”

A small chuckle escaped Will. Foster continued sipping his coffee, watching his rescuer’s graceful movements in the small kitchen. Soon the bacon crackled, and Will pulled the pieces out of the pan, placing them on a paper towel-covered plate.

Foster could have cried when Will placed the bacon-loaded plate in front of him. He snagged a piece before moaning contentedly. “Mmm, bacon.”

“Gee, guess you’re really not that hard to please.” Will stole a piece despite Foster swatting his hand away.

“Are you calling me simple? Cause I think I resemble that remark.” Foster teased, stuffing his mouth with the remaining pieces of bacon. He pushed the plate away, mumbling his thanks.

Cracking the eggs into the pan and adding the cheese, Will asked, “So was it the weather that caused your demise or…wait…was your ship boarded by pirates and they forced you to walk the plank?”

Foster heard the beginning of Will’s question, but between the warmth of the coffee and the bacon filling his once empty belly, sleep quickly pulled him under. A deep sigh escaped his lips as he laid his head on his arms. The granite counter didn’t make for a comfortable pillow, but Foster couldn’t have cared less.

to be continued…

* * * *

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