Top Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

It’s Tuesday and time for another book list. Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for the topics and for hosting. I’ve really come to enjoy these posts. It sure is fun checking out what the other bloggers read and think (book-wise).


The topic for this week’s post is “Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read.” I have to say that this is a tough one. I read a fair amount of books, and I go in phases about what I like (with respect to genre). I put some thought into this one, and only came up with six books.

What do you think? Did any of these books make your list?

Oh, I should mention that my list is more genre-based, and is not an attack against a particular author.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. I don’t mind light BDSM, but my author friends who writeThe_Shining BDSM had nothing good to say about this one. I’m trusting their judgment!
2. The Shining by Stephen King (or really any Stephen King book because I’m not a horror fan at all). I’m not sure I’d be able to sleep after reading this book or watching the movie.
3. A Wicked Pursuit by Isabella Bradford. I’m not a fan of historical romance, especially those set in London. For some reason, I’ve never had an interest in these, and yes, I have tried.
4. Sword of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor. While I like Arthurian legend, I’m not a fan of fiction books revolving around King Arthur and his knights.
5. The Last Goodbye by Sarah Mayberry. Not usually into reading Harlequin serial romances. This is #30 in a series. Wow! Not so much my thing.
6. Console Wars by Blake J. Harris. I don’t typically read nonfiction unless I’m intrigued by a specific book (usually something history-related).

I’m sure there are others out there, but I couldn’t come up with any additional ones for my list. Maybe I’ll be able to make 10 on next week’s topics!!

If you’re interested in taking part in these posts, here’s a link to the topics and directions. Give it a shot–it sure is fun!

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

  1. My horror phase is long gone (though may return one day) and I enjoyed The Shining. It is one of his best. Not read any of the others, though I do keep meaning to check out Kinley MacGregor’s books since I love the ones she writes as Sherrilyn Kenyon.


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