Mini Rant: IMHO

The other day, The Daily Post’s topic was IMHO (check out the link). Since I’m typically a day (or two) late and at least a dollar short, I’m finally getting to my mini-rant.

I’m going to tie my post to two, maybe three things. LGBT current news, Radical Islam current news, and Pastor Jaime’s homily from Easter Sunday.

I bet you’re wondering how I’m going to make this happen…well, here goes nuffin’!

We’ve all heard about Indiana, and their governor’s ridiculous religious freedom bill. From Christine Pelosi and found on the Huffington Post:

SB 101 is based on hate; no matter how Governor Pence tries to sell it, he is teaching discrimination, he is enshrining inequality into Indiana law, and he is justifying segregation under a false flag in which liberty would have no part.

Here’s a link to the full article.

Bear with me as I lay out all the pieces… Next is the university bombing in Kenya that killed 148. The bombing that was committed by Islamic extremists. If you’re not familiar with the story, check out this MSNBC report.

Now to where I tie it all together…and a special thanks to Pastor Jaime for his awesome homily.

In his homily, he urged us (Christians) to be radical. But unlike the radical Islamists, he challenged us to be radical in our faith by showing love and compassion to people everywhere. He didn’t specify that we should find out a person’s sexual orientation before doing this. He urged us to share God’s love.

I become very frustrated when I hear Christians talk poorly of LGBT folks, or when they look down upon them or judge them. Seems to me that’s not being very Christ-like in the world. God loves all His children—gay or straight, pink or blue or purple.

So, IMHO, Indiana’s governor needs to learn love and compassion. There’s no place in this world for narrow-minded, judgmental folks. It’s 2015 people. Time to wake up and smell the coffee known as equality. That’s directed at you Christians who have no place in your hearts for gays. Get over yourself and behave like one of God’s children.


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Another excellent source of information on Indiana is the Human Rights Campaign. Check out their article here.


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