An April Fools’ Edition of Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to a standalone story Avery has crafted for April Fools’ Day. She actually chose the day as her prompt. It was tough getting the story completed and not exceeding the 1000 word limit.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

Without further delay, let’s get to the story!

Bad Case of Wanting You


Avery Dawes

Lifting my face to the sky, I adjusted my red knit hat. Large, wet snowflakes drifted in lazy spirals, mocking me. A couple stuck to my eyelashes as others floated by. This must be some sort of cruel April Fools’ prank. I should be running, in shorts and a T-shirt, not shivering in tights and a long-sleeve pullover.

Taking a minute to stretch out my legs, I decided to run around the Tidal Basin, even though the delicate cherry blossom buds were probably frozen and destined to die unopened.

Traffic was light this morning. I headed out while most of the District’s residents still slumbered. I, too, had a lot on my plate for today. Exercise and then presentations and briefings.

My mind on work, I waited at the crosswalk, jogging in place to keep my muscles loose. After what seemed like hours, the bright white Walk sign finally flashed. I sprinted into the street before catching movement to my left. A taxi driver laid on his horn as he slid toward me. Heart pounding, I hustled to avoid the becoming someone’s hood ornament. The fender glanced off my hip and sent me tumbling into the snow-covered grass. The breath whooshed out of my lungs as I landed, just before everything faded to black.

* * * *

I stirred on the lumpy mattress, the sheets scratchy against my abraded skin. Every little movement echoed in my skull. I wished the musician in my head would stop beating his bass drum so violently. I tried cracking my eyelids, but they wouldn’t cooperate. A rich male voice soothed my rising panic, “Easy, Alec…just relax.” A smooth, cool hand squeezed my own. Wow, one part of me that didn’t hurt. I needed to see where I was, who this man was.

He murmured, “You need to rest. I’ll check on you soon.” The scent of his cologne—something light and woodsy—filled my nose. I inhaled more deeply, blocking the pain and focusing on the man’s tantalizing scent.  I wanted to make sure I’d remember it even after he’d gone.

* * * *

Sometime later, the scent returned and pulled me from my confusing dreams. This time I succeeded in forcing my eyelids open. I yearned to put a face with the delicious scent. It took a moment for my eyes to focus. But when they did, I saw the most gorgeous man—tall and thin, with unruly blond hair. The white coat and stethoscope only added to his sex appeal. Fuck. Me. They must’ve given me some good drugs if I found an ill-fitting white coat appealing.

“Welcome back, Alec. How are you feeling?” Looking up from my chart, he smiled shyly.

My mouth was dry, but something about this man made me want to answer, to please him. “I-I’ve been better. I hurt.”

He nodded. “You’re very lucky. Your run-in with the taxi has left you with several contusions and a concussion, but no broken bones.”

Ah, that’s right. Running. The yellow cab sliding. Everything now made sense. I was in the hospital, and after a moment, the doctor’s words sank in. Definitely lucky.

I managed a small smile. “Thanks…so good to hear.” I rubbed my forehead. The headache from hell persisted. Damned drummer.

He moved closer and pulled my hand away. “Hey, that’s not going to help any.” He rested his palm on my forehead for a moment. “Maybe a slight fever. I can give you another dose of meds.” Concern reflected in his steel blue eyes.

Breathing in his heavenly scent, I debated on how to answer. Unfortunately, my mind and mouth were not yet in sync. I blurted, “You standing here, touching me like that, is working wonders. Doc, you’re the only drug I need.”

He paused, opened his mouth, and then closed it. A moment later, a hearty laugh escaped his shapely lips. “That made my day, Alec. Sadly, though, no magic in these hands.”

I winked, suddenly feeling like teasing. “With those long fingers, I bet you could—”

A stocky nurse poked her head into the room, interrupting my inappropriate comment. “Dr. Witmer, you’re needed for a consult.” Her tone of voice indicated he needed to leave. Now.

Dr. Witmer deposited my chart in the basket at the foot of my bed. His hand found my calf under the sheet. After giving it a squeeze, he smirked, “You’ll have to finish that thought when I return.”

With that, I fell back to sleep. Happier dreams this time.

* * * *

Later that night, I awoke to rough hands poking and prodding me, apparently checking my vitals. I complained, “What happened to Dr. Witmer? He was so much nicer. And more careful.”

The male nurse frowned, his movements hasty and abrupt. He looked to be in a hurry. “There’s no Dr. Witmer working here. You must be mistaken.”

I tried to sit up, only to have him push me back on the bed. “Tall, blond, gorgeous? He checked on me several times. You’re the one who must be mistaken.”

The nurse chuckled. “It’s still April first. Maybe someone was having a little fun at your expense?”

Smart ass. I sagged against the pillow, the weariness of the day finally catching up with me.

Nurse Unfriendly hurried through his remaining checks, scribbling notes on my chart. Once he left, I closed my eyes and wished for sleep.

The door creaked. My eyes blinked open. My favorite doctor. “What are you doing here? The asshole nurse said you don’t work here. In fact, he implied I’m crazy.”

“April Fools!” Dr. Witmer grinned, his eyes twinkling with mischief. “I wanted to do some teasing of my own.” His smile faded at the sight of my frown. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“I know how you—” He interrupted me with the sweetest kiss.

“Is that what you had in mind?” He whispered against my lips, “Maybe another to be sure?”

the end

I want to give Julie a shout-out for coming up with an awesome title! Thanks so much!!

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