Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Brigid and Carwyn!

I just loved Carwyn so I had to share Elizabeth’s post. If you haven’t read her Elemental Mysteries series, you must check them out. She’s created a fabulous world with endearing characters.

Love the attached short!



This is just a quick short from Brigid and Carwyn to wish you all a happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy yourselves, be safe, and please do not, for the love of all things Irish, dye any beer green.

That’s just unnatural.

Green Beards Are As Bad As Green Beer

Brigid woke quietly, her eyes fluttering open to dim lights and the familiar warmth of the fireplace in their bedroom. She could hear Carwyn in the attached bathroom, fiddling with something or other and humming a tune in his low voice. He always woke before her, being so much older in immortality. He started the fire, readied the coffee she still loved, and played with the dogs while she finished her sleep.

But he was always in their room when she woke.

She smiled and let her eyes slip closed again, thinking that there was little she enjoyed more than waking…

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