Wednesday Briefs: Mission Paused

I’m continuing with another glimpse into Sid and Gareth’s life in the Meridian Galaxy. This one follows the last story, where they’re trying to make a getaway after getting busted trying to steal some tech.

Remember the Wednesday stories have to be 500-1000 words and include a prompt. Be sure to visit the other briefers listed at the end of the post.

This week’s prompt is a quote, “What is it about him that makes me…” Of course in my story, Sid speaks this about Gareth, the lunk *wink*

Here we go with…

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

Mission Paused


Avery Dawes

Sid released his white-knuckled grip on the armrests and breathed a sigh of relief. Despite losing the main engine, they’d landed safely on Denza. However, Gareth’s spaceship would never be the same, and Sid felt like it was all his fault. Damn biometric reader that had started a chain of horrible events.

“You alive back there?” Gareth called, taxiing the craft into the shiny metallic hanger.

He paused before answering, not wanting his voice to betray his unease. “Of course, ya lunk. I had no doubt whatsoever of your piloting abilities.”

Nuzzie interrupted, clarifying, “Um, yeah, you did, Sid. I detect the slightest tremor in your voice. Besides, I’m the one who got us on the ground in one piece.”

Once the craft came to a stop, Sid unlatched his harness, stood, and stretched. “Either way, a job well done to all.” He gave Gareth a pointed look. “I sure could use a drink. How long until we fly again?”

Gareth frowned. “I’m not sure. I’d say the repairs will take several hours at least if not the entire night.”

Nuzzie pushed at Gareth’s back to get him moving. “Bilden likes me. I’m sure I can get our ship moved to the top of his list. Why don’t you two go relax?”

“I really need to stay with the ship, Nuz.” Gareth fidgeted with the zipper on his suit. The lunk was uncharacteristically nervous.

Interesting. Sid decided to short-circuit the big guy’s brain. He launched himself at Gareth, catching him around the neck and quickly wrapping his legs around Gareth’s waist. “I need someone to keep me out of trouble. I vote you.” He grinned, unrepentant. When the big guy started shuffling toward the stairs, Sid called over his shoulder, “Thanks, Nuz! Hit us on the comm when the ship’s ready to go.”

Gareth grumbled something that sounded like “you owe me big time” but walked out of the hanger and into the light of Denza’s dual moons.

“Come on, Gareth, lighten up! It’ll be fun!” Sid teased.

Gareth stopped abruptly, ducking out of traffic and into a shadowed alcove. “Guess what, monkey? Last time I checked, your legs aren’t broken. No need to be climbing all over me.” He chuckled as he pried Sid’s arms from around his neck. “Down you go!”

Landing awkwardly on his feet, Sid kicked a piece of trash, sulking. So much for snuggling with the big guy. Ducking his head, he followed behind Gareth. “What is it about the lunk that makes me all clingy and needy?” he murmured. His voice grew louder. “And what in the Meridian Galaxy kind of nickname is ‘monkey’?”

“Are you seriously whining? Cause you know ‘lunk’ isn’t that great of a nickname.” Gareth stopped and turned to glare at Sid.

The big guy was dense. He had a sizable head…was it only filled with air? Sid smacked him on the arm. “It’s a cool nickname because I gave it to you.” His cheeks heated as he continued, “Because you’re special to me. There. Ya happy?”

He didn’t wait around to see Gareth’s reaction. Two doors down, music blared onto the walkway. Perfect. A loud club. No talking necessary. Sid could drown his ridiculous girly emotions in a huge glass of Tuneesik, and since he hadn’t eaten in—well, he couldn’t remember how long—the Tuneesik would have him feeling no pain in short order.

Before he could pull the door open, a large hand grasped his bicep. “Hang on a minute, Sid.” Gareth tugged him out of the way of the flow of people and creatures entering and leaving the club. “I, well, I guess I can be—”

A high-pitched male voice halted their conversation. “Sidlaufer? Is that you?” The cerulean-haired male, dressed in nothing but a silky mesh one piece suit, persisted. “I haven’t seen you since we partied at Lingal’s last year. Where in the galaxy have you been hiding?”

Talk about a night filled with Tuneesik…Sid didn’t remember much about Lingal’s party. Well, other than the soreness in his ass and the bite marks that lingered on his neck and chest. He squinted, trying to recall the man’s name. Sid smacked his forehead. “I’m dense. I don’t recall your name, but that hair…I loved that azure hair. So soft and thick, and it smelled so good.”

The male didn’t seem to mind that Sid couldn’t remember his name. “Call me Blu. Maybe you can remember that? Let’s head inside, and I’ll let you buy me a drink.” He winked before wrapping an arm around Sid and tugging him into the club.

This is totally what I need. Someone to drink with me. Someone to get wasted with me. Sid didn’t bother with a backward glance. He could stumble back to the hangar on his own. Gareth the Ungrateful could do whatever he wanted.

the end

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