What Immune System?

I don’t know what is with my body this winter. I’ve managed to catch just about every sickness that has gone around. Well, with the exception of the flu (*knock on wood* I guess there’s still time for that!).

In exasperation, I texted my friend Dawn last night and told her I should just live in a bubble; that will be the only way for me to stay healthy. Being the awesome friend she is, she offered that I could do that if she could roll me around!

Then, my friend Julie had to get in on the bubble action. Here’s her refrain to my new situation…

Roll me around, I just wanna get better.

Roll me around, til I find a better day.

Roll me around, find some method to my madness, there’s gotta be something else coming my way…

So that’s what my life has come to?? It sounds like the start to either a depressing short story or a bad country song…at this point, I’m not sure which. After Julie’s refrain, I’m thinking song is the way to go!

As I type this, I have a box of Kleenex and a trash can within arm’s reach (see what I mean??). I hope and pray that spring is close by—as in right around the immediate, very next corner. Somehow, after checking the extended forecast, I don’t think that’s the case. 

Work probably wouldn’t be happy with my bubble idea (I’m sure they’d be happy I was healthy, though!). Maybe I could invest in an astronaut suit? Fluids, rest, and copious amounts of Vitamin C don’t seem to be helping. At this point I’m looking “outside the box” for solutions!!

Segue time…

It’s amazing how words can flow from your brain when you’re in a certain mindset. I actually drafted this post on paper before I typed it. I’m going to end with an ode/ shout-out/ toast to spring. Yeah, I’ll admit, it brought me to tears…not sure if that’s because it’s so awful or so good! You be the judge!

Here’s to Spring

May you bless us with moderate temperatures and plentiful sunshine;

May you show us your beauty in the crocuses and daffodils that push forth from the damp soil;

May your breath be a light, soothing caress on our dry, chapped cheeks;

And may you warmly welcome us home, wrapping us in the strong arms of renewal and rebirth.


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