Another Flash Fiction Friday

This week I’m sharing the last assignment in Lisa Kessler’s Flash Fiction class. If I haven’t mentioned before, I want to reiterate how much fun the class was and how much I learned. Thanks, Lisa! *hugs*

The last assignment was a story on the topic of our choice and the word limit was 500. I think this is my favorite length. It’s tough and forces you to make every word count. I chose to write a speculative fiction piece. I hope you enjoy it! (In case you’re curious, this story came in at 495 words.)


Confederates Rising

A cool, damp caress traced Jenna’s jaw before brushing her lips. Shivering at the delicate touch, she pulled her grandmother’s quilt higher. She’d expected realism from her first Civil War reenactment, but the canvas tent was damn cold.

A firm hand shook her awake. Jenna shrieked, her heart thudding wildly in her chest. “Who’s there?” She fumbled for her lantern.

“I’m sorry, but I my brother needs your help.” With nimble fingers, he lit the wick.

Why was a Confederate soldier leaning over her cot? Was it some kind of prank?

“Miss, please, you must hurry!” The man tugged at her quilt. Continue reading “Another Flash Fiction Friday”