Flash Fiction: The Last Breath

I’m taking a writing class in hopes of restarting my muse. You know how fickle it can be! The class is taught by the incredible Lisa Kessler. You can find her website (and information on classes) here. Our first assignment was a piece of flash fiction with a maximum of 250 words. Also, it had to somehow involve murder.

Hope you like my story! Thanks to Lisa for helping me polish it 🙂

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The Last Breath

Faded, peeling wallpaper. Cobwebs lurking in the corners. Dust motes floating on the stale air. My heart shattered, the pieces scattering over the scuffed hardwood floors. I bit my lip, stifling a sob. Mom would be so disappointed at what was once our home.

A sharp knock sounded at the door. I jumped, frowning. I wasn’t expecting company.

“Hey, sis.” My eldest brother’s expensive cologne filled the room.

I stiffened my back, refusing to meet his gaze. “How’d you know I was here?”

He shrugged. “The realtor.”

“Oh.” I shoved my hands deeper into my coat pockets.

“She never wanted to suffer. You know that, right?”

My voice hardened. “She didn’t choose to leave us early. The doctor—”

“Never told you how much pain each small movement caused, how miserable the cancer treatments made her feel.”

“You don’t know that,” I accused. “You never bothered to stop by. Too busy working, wasn’t that your excuse?” I shook my head. “I was her confidante, the one who saw to her needs.”

He smirked. “Still jealous of my success, I see.”

“Not in the least. Money couldn’t buy the precious time I had with Mom.” I stalked toward him, seething. “And speaking of money, you killed her, didn’t you? Probably smothered her while she slept.”

“You know,” he paused, a muscle twitching in his jaw, “she thanked me…with her last breath.”

A tear slipped from my eye. This was one time being right didn’t feel so good.

The End

Next up…a 500 word piece of flash fiction. The theme for this one is romance. I’m still working on the edits, but I’ll be sure to share it when I’m done.

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