Wednesday Briefs: More Carson and Tyler

I owe you a huge apology…for leaving you hanging last week. Life, coupled with Internet issues, got in the way of me posting more New Year’s Decadence sooner. But, it was worth the wait, right? Maybe? Hopefully you will think so.

Ok, so when we last saw Carson & Tyler, they were dancing and stealing lots of smooches at Raphael’s. Wonder what happens at midnight? Read on…

Oh, by the way, the prompt for this week’s story is “Lovely place, isn’t it?” And I should mention that some parts of the story are mildly NSFW. *wink*

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

Without further ado, here’s the next installment of New Year’s Decadence by Avery Dawes:

Carson and Tyler swayed together, their feet moving in small, coordinated steps despite only dancing together for two short weeks. Tyler had managed to not only avoid stepping on Carson’s feet, but he let Carson take the lead and guide them through the varied musical selections. This particular ballad reminded Carson more of the blues with its moody notes and repetitive verses. They continued, seemingly mesmerized by the rhythm and the opulent surroundings even though the music had stopped.  A polite cough into the microphone had them halting.

“If you’ll excuse the interruption, we’re almost ready to welcome in 2015. The wait staff is circulating with glasses of champagne. Additionally, you’ll want to make your way to the windows to enjoy the fireworks show, courtesy of the City of Denver.”

Pressing a quick kiss to Carson’s lips, Tyler snagged two glasses of bubbly while Carson led them to an open spot, offering a spectacular view of the skyline.

They didn’t have to wait long. The countdown started moments later. Carson reached for Tyler’s hand and gripped it tightly. His gaze landed squarely on Tyler’s. “I love you, Tyler Owen. I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for us.”

“All good things, I’m sure. Babe, you’re mine.” After a quick brush of lips, Tyler added, “Love you more.”

Apparently the quick kiss wasn’t enough or it was enough to whet Tyler’s appetite, making him want another taste. Before Carson could pull away, Tyler captured Carson’s lips in a bruising, passionate kiss, his tongue invading Carson’s mouth. The fireworks started and drew their attention. Much too soon for Tyler, if his groan was any indication.

Whispering breathlessly in Tyler’s ear, Carson said, “Can’t wait to see what you have planned for later.”

With a wink Tyler teased, “That kiss wasn’t even foreplay. I have much more in store for you and that fine ass of yours.”

They finally toasted and sipped the champagne. Carson couldn’t believe how lucky he was. After all that had happened, from his awful Aunt, to battling the zombies and, to finally ending up with Tyler: life couldn’t be any better.

Not liking the space between him and Tyler, Carson shifted so he stood in front of Tyler and then stepped back until he met Tyler’s muscular chest and impressive arousal. Deciding to torment his man a bit, Carson wiggled his ass, making sure to brush against Tyler’s erection.

“Babe, if you’re trying to kill me, it’s totally working.” Tyler wrapped a possessive arm around Carson’s waist and held him in place. He nuzzled Carson’s neck, all the while rubbing his erection against Carson’s ass.

“What do you say, Tyler? Time to go make our own fireworks?” Carson hoped his man agreed. Feeling Tyler pressing against his ass had him hard and leaking. Besides, Carson didn’t want to give any of the other couples a show. Tonight was exclusively theirs.

* * * *

“Welcome to your luxurious suite, fine sir.” Tyler bowed while holding their room door open.

Carson smacked him on the shoulder as he entered their room. “You’re a mess! You need to stop with all the formal stuff. It’s just us, remember?”

Tyler waggled his eyebrows after closing the door and locking the door (with the ‘do not disturb’ sign hanging from the knob). “I do remember. Although, if memory serves, you were wearing far less.”

The spacious suite had to be three times the size of their apartment. Carson took in the baby grand piano before stepping down into the sunken living room. The drapes had been left open; the view overlooked the city, mirroring the view from the restaurant. Carson turned a circle, stunned. He’d never been in anything so ridiculously appointed. He hesitated before touching anything, afraid that his touch would mar the smooth, polished surfaces.

“Lovely place, isn’t it?” Tyler asked while helping Carson out of his suit jacket.

“I’m in awe. It’s perfect.” Carson stopped turning and faced Tyler, his mouth agape. Shaking his head, he finally formed a coherent thought. “From the original artwork to the lavish leather sofas to the kitchenette in stainless steel and quartz…should I continue?”

Tyler merely grinned, his eyes broadcasting a combination of joy and love. As he unbuttoned Carson’s vest, he said, “Car, you haven’t seen anything yet. We’ve got the master bedroom and adjoining bathroom to explore.”

Carson grabbed Tyler’s tie and pulled him down for a ravishing kiss. Tyler was right—they had plenty more to see, and they needed to do it quickly. All the teasing and innuendo had built inside him like steam that needed to be released from a pressure cooker. His body—in particular, his throbbing cock—dictated that they be naked. Now.

to be continued…yep, I’m saving the good stuff for next time!!

* * * *

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