Wednesday Briefs: More Carson and Tyler

I owe you a huge apology…for leaving you hanging last week. Life, coupled with Internet issues, got in the way of me posting more New Year’s Decadence sooner. But, it was worth the wait, right? Maybe? Hopefully you will think so.

Ok, so when we last saw Carson & Tyler, they were dancing and stealing lots of smooches at Raphael’s. Wonder what happens at midnight? Read on…

Oh, by the way, the prompt for this week’s story is “Lovely place, isn’t it?” And I should mention that some parts of the story are mildly NSFW. *wink*

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

Without further ado, here’s the next installment of New Year’s Decadence by Avery Dawes:

Carson and Tyler swayed together, their feet moving in small, coordinated steps despite only dancing together for two short weeks. Tyler had managed to not only avoid stepping on Carson’s feet, but he let Carson take the lead and guide them through the varied musical selections. This particular ballad reminded Carson more of the blues with its moody notes and repetitive verses. They continued, seemingly mesmerized by the rhythm and the opulent surroundings even though the music had stopped.  A polite cough into the microphone had them halting. Continue reading “Wednesday Briefs: More Carson and Tyler”