New Year’s Eve Wednesday Briefs

I hope that everyone had a great holiday! Now, we are on the verge of 2015. Where has time gone?!

Avery wanted this edition of Wednesday Briefs to be special. She’s decided to give you a glimpse into what’s happening with Carson and Tyler, her characters from Fall Break Fright. The prompt she picked for this week was to have her characters slow dance (this actually shows up in Part II of the flash since Carson and Tyler got carried away with the word count). In case you aren’t familiar, here is a link for Fall Break Fright.

Remember, Wednesday Briefs are flash fiction pieces so they are limited in word count. They also have to include a prompt.

Avery hopes you enjoy this flash!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak
Photo courtesy of Kevin Mitnak

New Year’s Decadence


Avery Dawes

Carson rolled over, reaching for Tyler, only to find his side of the bed empty, the sheets cool. Groaning, Carson sat up enough so he could scan the room before checking the time. Maybe he’d slept later than he thought? He struggled to remember if Tyler had mentioned something about going out first thing this morning.

When he didn’t spy Tyler or hear him banging around the kitchen, he glanced at the clock; however, something blocked the normally bright blue numbers on the face. Carson fumbled, finally grabbing the object. After he adjusted the bed pillows, he examined what was a crisp, white envelope made from a heavy-weight paper. Puzzled, he turned it over in his hands, looking for clues. The engraved “C” on the front didn’t offer anything, other than it had to be expensive. Good thing he didn’t make a living as a detective; he’d have been fired a long time ago!

As he pushed the cobwebs from his brain, he attempted to recall some tidbit that might have slipped his mind. Really, this would all be easier after a large cup of coffee, but he didn’t feel like getting out of bed just yet. He would muddle through without the help of caffeine.

After spending the Christmas holiday in Kansas with Tyler’s family, they headed back to Colorado before a snowstorm was forecast to hit. They both agreed a zombie hoard was one thing to face while Mother Nature was a completely different—and potentially—more ruthless animal. Luckily, Tyler’s repaired Jeep got them back without any issues.

Carson normally didn’t do much on New Year’s Eve—maybe watch movies or go out to dinner. He didn’t trust the “amateur drunks” who pushed their luck, trying to drive after consuming copious amounts of alcohol as they waited for the ball to drop. If he couldn’t walk or stay where he partied, then he didn’t go. And speaking of…today was New Year’s Eve. Tyler had made him promise not to plan anything that he was working on a small surprise for them.

Ah ha! Satisfied the envelope must relate to the surprise, Carson barely refrained from tearing the paper. Carefully, he loosened the flap and removed a piece of card stock from inside. It, too, was crisp white and printed with an elegant cursive font in silver. He forced himself to slow down and actually read the words instead of skimming over them. After all, he was in a hurry to get to the good part!

The more he read, the larger Carson’s grin grew. By the time he reached the end, the invitation was flying as he hopped to his feet and performed a mock “happy dance” on the bed. He had the best boyfriend in the history of the Earth!

Tyler was taking him to Raphael’s for dinner and dancing tonight. Once they tired of the party, they would be staying in one of the posh suites beneath the restaurant. Raphael’s hadn’t been in business for long, but it quickly earned the reputation of the place to be seen if you were a person of power and society in Denver. The owner had purchased one of the abandoned buildings in downtown and completely renovated it, reportedly filling it with all sorts of glitz and glamour as well as food that was reportedly the best west of the Mississippi. The restaurant occupied the top floor and offered views of the city through its enormous glass walls. Two of the floors beneath were high-end suites while the remainder of the building was apartments and retail space. Carson had been dreaming about going to Raphael’s since it opened. He knew how fancy and expensive it was reported to be so he would’ve been satisfied with brunch, let alone everything Tyler had planned.

* * * *

“Hurry up, Car, we’re going to be late!” Tyler’s voice sounded from the front of the apartment.

Carson couldn’t help the fact his hair just wasn’t cooperating tonight. He added some more working wax to his fingers and once again tried to manipulate the errant strands. Deciding it would have to work, he rinsed his hands and gave himself a quick onceover. The deep pomegranate color of his silk shirt added complimented his eyes while working perfectly with the three piece charcoal pinstripe suit he wore. Adding a touch of black eyeliner, he was finally satisfied with his appearance.

Tyler’s voice held a bit of impatience. “Car—”

“So sorry, Tyler, I’m ready.” He dashed out of the bathroom, buttoning his suit jacket as he went.

“Babe, you look—holy shit, you’re breathtaking.”

Carson felt his cheeks heat at Tyler’s compliment. Trying to distract himself, he took in his boyfriend’s appearance. Very dapper! Tyler had chosen a black suit and wore a midnight blue shirt beneath it with the collar open, exposing the portion of his neck Carson most liked to kiss and nibble.

“I want to hug you, but I’m afraid I’ll wrinkle you. Tyler…you’re beautiful. I, just, well…” Carson stopped, feeling tears pool in his eyes. No way would he let them fall and ruin his eyeliner.

“No tears tonight, please Car.” Tyler pulled Carson to him and pressed a soft, lingering kiss to his lips. “Let’s get going before they give our reservation away.”

“Sorry, I’m good, I promise.” Brushing his thumb across Tyler’s bottom lip, Carson whispered, “I’m going to have to get you dressed up more often…so I can then undress you, revealing those delicious muscles you’ve hidden beneath.”

Laughing, Tyler stole a quick kiss. “You’re a mess, but I do love you. Now, can we go? There will be plenty of time for undressing later!”

* * * *

To be continued in a bonus post…

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