New Year’s Decadence, continued

Since today is New Year’s Eve, I wanted to share another portion of Tyler and Carson’s story, New Year’s Decadence. Consider this a bonus and a belated Christmas present from Avery to you.

Please celebrate safely this evening! Happy 2015!


New Year’s Decadence, Part II

Dinner was absolutely delicious. They both ordered the chef’s special, a mixture of seafood sautéed in a delicate white wine sauce served over a bed of linguine. Of course, a salad of organic greens, rustic French bread, and dessert were included. Oh, and not to mention the bottle of Acacia Pinot Noir Tyler picked for them. Somebody had to have done his wine research! It complimented their dinner quite well.

Carson nibbled at the last couple of bites of his Godiva chocolate and caramel-drizzled cheesecake. He didn’t want to be so full that he couldn’t take advantage of the dancing. Plus, truth be told, other things were niggling in the recesses of his brain.

“What are you thinking, babe?” Tyler asked, reaching for Carson’s hand across the table. “You got quiet all of a sudden.”

Carson shook his head. “I’m overwhelmed. This has been the perfect night, and it’s just started.” He fidgeted with his fork before continuing, “Plus, I don’t mean to be a downer, but this has got to be hugely expensive.”

“You worry too much.” Now Tyler spun his wine glass nervously. “Look, I don’t want you to think less of me, but mom and dad helped. I told them my idea, and they offered to contribute as a gift to the both of us.”

Carson’s eyes shone. “Please. That is so very sweet! Next time I see Mama Owen, I’m giving her a huge hug.”

“Wait…you know what would make them happy?” Tyler motioned to their waiter who strode to the table.

“Yes, sir, did you need something?” The waiter was nothing short of professional, but he also seemed to take a liking to the guys, chatting briefly when he could.

Tyler removed his cellphone and handed it to the waiter. “Would you please take a picture of me and my boyfriend?”

“Oh, of course. You both look so handsome tonight. It would be my honor.”

Leaving his seat, Tyler crouched down behind Carson. “Ready, babe? We can send this to my mom as a ‘thank you’.”

Carson flashed a grin and said, “Cheese!”

Tyler laughed before pressing a kiss to Carson’s cheek. The two then faced each other, their eyes soft and full of love. Carson forgot about the waiter and the other patrons as he got lost in Tyler’s gaze.

A throat cleared—the waiter—and brought them out of the moment. “I took several. I hope that one of them works for you.”

“I’m sure we’ll find one. Carson’s so photogenic.” Tyler winked while retaking his seat.

“You two look great together. Enjoy the rest of your evening.” The waiter disappeared from view as Tyler scanned the photos. A huge grin appeared on his face. He must have found one he liked.

“What? Show me,” Carson demanded, reaching for the phone.

“They are all good, but I like this one the best.” Tyler handed the phone over.

In the photo Carson’s eyes glanced toward Tyler, his smile small. Tyler had his forehead pressed to Carson’s temple, his eyes closed, and a warm smile on his lips. Carson stared at the photo. It was absolutely perfect. “I want this one for me. Send your mom a less sappy one.”

“Oh stop,” Tyler took the phone back. “I love how cozy we look.” He sighed, “You’re right, though, this one’s just for us.”

As Tyler looked at the other photos, the waiter returned to clear their plates. “Can I get you anything else? The band is getting ready to start.”

Carson answered while Tyler typed. “We’re good. Thanks again for taking the photos.”

The waiter nodded and left them alone as the band started warming up.

Tyler returned the phone to his pocket. “Music! That means dancing. We have to put your lessons to the test.”

Carson grinned. He’d been teaching Tyler ballroom dancing in their spare time. In fact, they worked a lot on the Latin dances over Christmas, something that Tyler’s parents had a good laugh over. “I’ll dance with you, but we’re not attempting the tango yet. You still need more practice.”

“Such the perfectionist, I swear!” Tyler teased while retaking Carson’s hand.

The small band, located in the far corner of the restaurant, started playing a slow, sultry number. Carson lifted their joined hands and pressed a kiss to Tyler’s knuckles. “This is perfect for the rhumba. Would you do me the honor, Tyler?” Carson rose, awaiting Tyler’s response.

“Of course,” a wicked grin lit is lips. “You’re allowed to lead on the dance floor while I lead in bed.”

Carson smoothly led them through the dining tables to the dance floor where they joined several other couples. Pulling Tyler to his body while maintaining his dance posture, he let the music fill him and led his boyfriend to a more private spot on the floor. “Tyler, in case you hadn’t noticed, dancing is sex with clothes on.” He winked when Tyler’s jaw dropped.

Deciding to be even more of a tease, Carson pulled Tyler closer so that their groins brushed with the swing of their hips. Carson was already hard and knew that Tyler would be in no time.

“Babe, you’re killing me here. How long until I get to take you to bed?” Tyler’s voice was a breathless whisper.

Carson nibbled on Tyler’s earlobe before answering. “Don’t be in a rush…enjoy the sensuality of the dance.” Carson slid his hand down, and grasped Tyler’s ass.

Tyler moaned, “Killing me here…”

“Good. Then, I’m doing it right.” Carson pressed his cheek to Tyler’s and then closed his eyes, letting the music takeover. He’d never been this lucky—to be in a beautiful setting with the lights of the city twinkling outside and to be with a man who was his equal, who balanced him out, and who had quickly claimed his heart. Carson couldn’t imagine life without Tyler Owen, the most handsome man in the place.

* * * *

If you’re lucky, I’ll post a piece tomorrow about their toast and maybe some additional activities *wink*

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