Launch of CoolDudes Publishing

Cool_Dudes_PublishingThe Island by KristopherQuentin

Stars Fall by Louis J Harris

Draven’s Gate by Cheryl Headford (Mock up Cover to come)

An Anthology to support our social outreach program.


A submission call from writers all over the world.

* * * *

This is what can be expected from CoolDudes Publishing in the next three to four months.  We have chosen to launch withCheryl-Headford-Dravens-Gate-FINAL-small (1) Cheryl Headford’s beautiful YA M/M Fairytale for the simple reason that Cheryl writes the most endearing, angsty gay stories the whole world should know about. Find more info here.

With this launch we intend to give a $25.00 Amazon coupon to a lucky subscriber to our site and Newspaper, plus free e-book copies of Draven’s Gate, Stars Fall and The Island when it is released. To top that, all our participating bloggers will have a giveaway prize of all three e-books to one of their lucky subscribers.


We want to tap into the M/M market and expand it using our affiliate editors,beta readers, reviewers and promotional staff. We don’t ask for a penny upfront, however, we do offer contracts and deduct a small percentage of 40% from royalties for the services we offer.

We aim to publish e-books with a strong M/M element but are NOT genre romance and not specific to Happy Ever After (HEA). The work may be darker in nature and reflective of the world gay men face. These are more along the lines of how things really happen with all of the horrors gay men and women have to face through their lives.
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